STORY recently produced the opening title sequence and a promotional campaign for Mob Wives Chicago, a new realty series debuting on VH-1 in June. Directed by Robert Rugen, the package employ’s Chicago’s legendary winds as a metaphor for the turbulence and drama that engulfs the lives of the show’s cast, five women who are the wives or daughters of men associated with organized crime.

A blustery, even fierce wind is evident in every frame of the show’s opening title. The sequence begins with a time-lapse image of the Chicago skyline under a slate grey sky and buffeted by gusty blasts of wind. Images of familiar landmarks, including the LaSalle Street bridge and an El train, are revealed in the same forbidding atmosphere. The show’s cast members are then revealed defiantly exiting a warehouse loading dock into a darkened alleyway.

“Wind is the perfect metaphor to launch the show,” says STORY executive producer Mark Androw. “It is built into the fabric of Chicago folklore and suggests drama, chaos, beauty and power—the same attributes that define the lives of the ladies. Wind and ‘the outfit’ are things that bring them together…and sometimes rip them apart.”

Production included a two-day shoot involving more than a half dozen locations in Chicago’s Loop. The production generated enough material for the opening sequence and several on-air promos, as well as bumpers and other elements for use in the show. Elements for a print campaign were shot at the same time.

The promos are airing now. The show itself (a spin-off of VH-1’s hit series Mob Wives) premieres in June.

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Show:  Mob Wives Chicago

Client:  VH-1. Phil Delbourgo, senior vice president brand and design and co-creative director; Tony Maxwell, senior vice president on-air promos and co-creative director; Traci Terrill, vice president editorial and co-creative director; Wendell Wooten, vice president production and creative operations; Jim Fitzgerald, senior director design; Piotr Sikora, senior photo director; Julie Ruiz, director off-air design; Michael Flexner, director of production management; Jessica Hammerle, senior project manager; Corey Nealon, writer/producer; Kyle Ramos, copywriter.

Production:  STORY. Robert Rugan, director; Mark Androw, executive producer; Gayle McCormick, producer; Mary Langenfeld, head of production.

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