A Night of Music Brings Together the Ad Community and International Musicians

Sonixphere, a globally-connected resource for everything related to music and sound, recently presented its third Master Class and Jam Night featuring Indian-born percussion virtuoso Kalyan Pathak, who has toured and performed with such notable artists as Aretha Franklin, Yo Yo Ma and Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Pathak brought with him a treasure trove of unique percussion instruments on which he performed a variety rhythms and sounds from his native India. Afterwards, the lively audience, comprised of ad agency creatives, musicians, friends and music lovers, was invited to try their hands at a beat or two on the tabla, bells or darburka.

“Master Class is meant to be fun,” says Sonixphere’s CEO and Creative Director, Greg Allan, who launched the award-winning, full-service music and sonic branding shop in August 2011. “We also feel it’s vital to showcase artists and instruments from other cultures who may be unknown in our industry, but who have a lot to offer by adding their unique sounds to the music we produce for our clients.”

In addition to creating award-winning music and sound design for commercials, Sonixphere provides the music for numerous TV shows, webisode series, and brand building sonic content. Previous Master Class nights have showcased Brazilian percussionist Felipe Fraga, and electronic violinist Chuck Bontrager.

Each Master Class ends with a jam session in one of Sonixphere’s world-class studios with the featured performer joining in with professional musicians, vocalists, and ad agency execs to make music and have fun. Whether it’s world, rock, jazz, R&B, country, or other genre, all are invited to join in with Sonixphere providing instruments and refreshments to top off the night.

“The Sonixphere percussion Master Class was inspiring, interesting and entertaining,” says Carolyn Bergen-Baba, Group Creative Director at mcgarrybowen. “It was the most fun you can ever hope to have with a stick in your hand. My hands hurt for days afterward, but I had blast!”

To sign up for future invitations to Master Class and Jam, click here.

About Master Class
The Master Class series is produced and hosted by Sonixphere on a bi-monthly basis for the purpose of bringing together the advertising and music communities in an informal setting that fosters fun and creativity, and opens the doors to new sonic possibilities by introducing global sounds and talent that can be integrated into our industry’s sound palette.

About Sonixphere
Launched in August, 2011 by CEO and Creative Director Greg Allan, Sonixphere is a globally-connected, 360-degree resource for music, sound, and sonic branding.

About Kalyan Pathak
A native of Chicago, Pathak is one of the most in-demand virtuoso tabla and multi-ethnic percussionists in the country, as well as a composer and music educator. At Sonixphere’s Master Class, he led the group on a rhythmic journey–or “yatra”–deep into the world of Indian percussion, demonstrating infectious Tabla grooves and joyous dance beats from North and South India.

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