CHICAGO— Editor Tom Pastorelle of The Colonie has joined with HY Connect to create a series of four spots for Blue Cross Blue Shield,  Parachute, Horse, Guide and Birthday,” which are currently running in Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Parachute shows two men about to embark on a skydiving adventure, both left to choose between a secure and trustworthy pack and a pack with rips and duct tape holding it together. Horse shows a man and his decision to go with a safe older horse for his young daughter to ride as opposed to a larger bucking horse. Guide depicts a couple choosing between a muscular young trail guide with a GPS and an older man with a pet raccoon who uses a trail of breadcrumbs to plot his course. And finally, Birthday shows a princess themed birthday party full of young girls who are left to choose between a mime and a fairy princess as entertainment. All spots illustrate scenarios in which characters must make a decision with humorously obvious choices.

Pastorelle worked with Kevin and Michael previously, completing two spots for the American Academy of Dermatology.

“It was terrific to work with Kevin (Houlihan) and Michael (Matykiewicz) again. They’re so talented. The team is so much fun to have in the room including Stefanie (Lyons), Kelly (Hampton), and Molly (Flynn Scoggin),” Pastorelle said. “And I was grateful to have Michael (Rivera) come in and give guidance to his vision of the spots.  It was all very much a team effort.”

The use of comedy is a new approach for Blue Cross Blue Shield. “I feel lucky to be a part of their new campaign and love the direction they are going,” enthused Pastorelle.

Watch: Horse-TX-HD


Titles:                    Parachute, Horse, Guide, Birthday

Client:                   Blue Cross Blue Shield

Production:        Third Street Mining Company. Director, Neil Tardio.

Agency:                HY Connect. Executive Creative Director, Michael Rivera. Creative Director, Kevin Houlihan. ACD/Copywriters, Michael Matykiewicz, Stefanie Lyons. Art Director, Kelly Hampton. Senior Producer, Molly Flynn Scoggin. Account Director, Brad Most.

Editorial:              The Colonie. Editor, Tom Pastorelle. Assistant Editor, James Helm.

Finish:                   Filmworkers Club. Smoke Artist, Jeff Charatz. Colorist, Michael Mazur.

Mix:                       Chicago Recording Company. Engineer, Eric Cauwels. Assistant Engineer, Mark Wilkening.

The Colonie,

Represented by Megan Kirkpatrick at The House of Representatives.

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