HOLLYWOOD— NBC Universal has selected MTI Film’s Control Dailies Enterprise and Cortex::ControlDailies as its solution for processing digital camera dailies. The company has also increased its digital film restoration capacity through the purchase of additional seats of MTI Film’s Correct DRS™.

“MTI Film is very pleased to extend its long-standing relationship with NBC Universal through these latest product sales,” said MTI Film CEO Larry Chernoff. “Our engineering team has been working closely with their counterparts at NBC to implement improved workflows for dailies processing and restoration, and we are proud of the continued confidence they have invested in our products and our team.”

NBC Universal has already successfully utilized Control Dailies Enterprise on numerous television productions over the past two years while shooting in a variety of tape-based and file-based media formats. The industry’s leading solution for dailies processing, Control Dailies Enterprise provides a comprehensive dailies workflow and has been used for more than a decade by a multitude of facilities to process dailies for film-, tape- and digitally-acquired productions.

“Control Dailies’ node-based architecture and shared database provides large facilities and studios, like NBC Universal, with the flexibility to rapidly adjust to changes in the type and volume of projects they are working on,” noted Vice President of Product Development David McClure. “For example, assistants can log takes and synchronize audio while colorists apply primary color correction.”

Convey, a companion application to Control Dailies, works in the background, encoding editorial and review deliverables as takes are approved while maximizing efficiency by spreading the workload across available workstations. A central database allows individual users to work on multiple projects simultaneously. At NBC Universal, McClure observes, a single operator can process dailies for several productions in one shift as media drops are made.

Cortex::ControlDailies, introduced by MTI Film at NAB 2012, is an on-set and near-set solution based on MTI Film’s ten years of experience in developing Control Dailies Enterprise, which is designed for post production facility workflows.  Built from the ground up for today’s workflows, Cortex::ControlDailies resolves many of the issues that have complicated the processing and management of dailies as production has shifted from film and tape to digital acquisition.

Cortex::ControlDailies combines the intelligent color, sync and logging tools of Control Dailies Enterprise, the transcoding power of Convey, an intuitive user interface, and a lightweight back-end. “Cortex eliminates needless complexity, making dailies processing a more intuitive operation that can be managed by users with different levels of experience and technical expertise,” McClure said.

Control Dailies Enterprise and Cortex::ControlDailies support a myriad of digital cameras including Sony F65, RED Epic, ARRI Alexa, Canon C300/C500 and 5D/7D, GoPro and Phantom. Control Dailies can process footage from a variety of sources within a single timeline, and produce native editorial files for Avid and Final Cut Pro, as well as popular review formats such as DVD/Blu-ray, H.264 for PIX, DAX or iPad and WM9.

NBC Universal has been using Correct DRS™ for digital film restoration since 2006.  Its new purchase comprises six additional seats, giving it a total of eight. Correct DRS™ is the recognized leader in digital film restoration. Since its introduction in 1997, Correct DRS™ has grown hand in hand with its customers into a full-featured suite  of automated, semi-automatic and manual tools, designed to correct for many common problems, including dust and debris, scratches, gate hairs, warping and jitter, and 3-Layer mis-registration.

About MTI Film LLC

Since 1997 MTI Film has provided award winning software applications to the post-production industry with a focus on technology for digital film restoration and digital dailies.  With strong ties to our customers and an in-house services arm providing real-world, real-time development experience, MTI Film offers the most advanced, efficient and user-friendly applications on the market.  MTI Film products include Correct DRS™, Control Dailies and Convey, and introducing the Cortex family – a simple, powerful and coherent digital workflow solution from pre-production through post-production.

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