Baselight|PFClean integration supports all DI workflows, including ACES, and allows grading and restoration to proceed in parallel.

LONDON— FilmLight and The Pixel Farm have formed a strategic partnership to jointly market FilmLight’s Baselight colour grading system and The Pixel Farm’s PFClean™ restoration software as a complete, fully-integrated and affordable workflow for digital cinema restoration.   As a result, a branded OEM version of the PFClean restoration and remastering suite equipped with the Baselight integration option will be available to FilmLight customers to purchase directly through the company’s worldwide reseller network.

FilmLight and The Pixel Farm have been working together to achieve seamless integration between Baselight, the industry’s most powerful grading system, and PFClean, the most widely used film restoration software. The integration allows, for example, images to be graded in Baselight while simultaneously being restored in PFClean. The integration includes support for all DI workflows, including those using the ACES format.

“Baselight and PFClean together form a clean and precise workflow that allows post-production facilities to conduct restoration projects with unprecedented efficiency,” said The Pixel Farm Managing Director Michael Lancaster. “Grading and restoration can proceed in parallel with an ease and simplicity no other restoration system can match.”

“Post-production operations seeking to add restoration to their service offering, or to enhance existing capabilities, can now do so via an end-to-end solution based on best-of-breed technologies,” added FilmLight Technical Marketing Manager David Stroud

The Baselight-PFClean combination is already in use at a number of premier post-production facilities engaged in high-end restoration work such as Laser Pacific, Hollywood; Sony Imageworks, Culver City, Calif.;  Reliance Media Works and Kodak Cinelabs, Romania.

Restoration is one of the fastest-growing segments of the post-production market, as recent advances in digital intermediate and restoration technologies have made it possible to re-master films at higher resolution and in a more pristine state than ever before. Baselight, for example, facilitates 4K grading and mastering in real-time. Similarly, PFClean automates many previously time-consuming restoration tasks and features a comprehensive set of non-destructive, hardware accelerated tools to clean up and restore images. The integration of the two products provides a further productivity boost making the restoration of many more films economically practical.

About The Pixel Farm

The Pixel Farm manufactures and markets innovative image-processing technologies that meet the demands of professionals working in the motion picture, broadcast TV and interactive entertainment industries. The company, headquartered in the UK, was established in 2002 by a management team with decades of experience in developing some of the world’s most advanced 2D and CG effects systems. Our products – which address VFX, DI and restoration – are well-known and well-loved by digital artists worldwide, as they seamlessly integrate into the most demanding post-production environments, whilst supporting creativity and maximizing productivity. For more information, visit


About FilmLight

FilmLight develops colour grading and colour management systems as well as film scanning and data management solutions, that are transforming film and video post-production and setting new standards for quality, reliability and performance. The company’s products are in use every day by leading studios, labs and post-production facilities around the globe as essential components in their digital intermediate, commercials and video production pipelines. Fuelled by some of the industry’s brightest minds, FilmLight is committed to delivering innovative tools that allow creative professionals to work at the forefront of the digital media revolution. Founded in 2002, FilmLight is headquartered in London, where its research, design and manufacturing operations are centred. Sales and support are conducted through regional service centres located in London, Los Angeles, New York, Hamburg, Bangkok, Mumbai, Sydney, Auckland and Singapore, and through qualified partners worldwide.  For more information, visit


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