London, UK – 10 September 2012 – FGV Schmidle, one of the oldest and largest camera rental houses in Germany, has enhanced its digital cinematography resources through a new investment in digital recording technology from Codex Digital.

The company, which has facilities in Munich and Berlin, has purchased a number of Codex Onboard M recorders. The Onboard M supports digital cameras made by ARRI, Sony, Canon and other leading manufacturers and has become hugely popular among film and commercials productions for its proven ability to record and process raw data.

FGV Schmidle plans to use the new Codex recorders to support foreign film and television productions working in Germany as well as local producers shooting raw. “German producers have only recently begun to embrace raw formats,” explains FGV Schmidle managing director Markus Schmidle. “With the help of this Codex technology, we hope to drive the market and show producers the qualitative advantages of raw media.”

Schmidle adds that Codex technology is essential to servicing productions originating in the U.S. and the U.K., where it’s common for film productions to capture raw media.

FGV Schmidle has been supplying productions with Codex technology for more than three years. In addition to recorders, it maintains an inventory of Codex Transfer Stations that are used for on-set and near-set dailies processing and archiving. The company expects soon to offer The Vault, Codex’s new media management environment.

About Codex Digital

Codex Digital, who are based in London, England design and manufacture high-end digital equipment for motion picture and television production, products include the award-winning high-resolution media recorders and a range of media management stations to manage the entire workflow of a digital production from set to post production. The company is setting new standards for end-to-end production workflow.

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