CHICAGO—Hybrid production studio Vitamin has teamed with Tallahassee agency Bright Red to create a multi-platform ad campaign for Pilot Corporation of America, makers of high quality, innovative writing instruments, to highlight the many ways Pilot’s unique pens help people make their own distinctive mark.

The campaign, which includes broadcast, print and web components, was designed, produced and finished entirely by Vitamin’s in-house creative team. The broadcast spots feature relatable moments in day-to-day life showing how there is a Pilot Pen to fit everyone’s needs. A songwriter, for example, uses the FriXion erasable gel ink pen to completely erase lyrics, and then smoothly rewrite them after learning that his girlfriend has dumped him. The lyrics and whimsical drawings represent the singer’s thoughts and emotions, and spring to life like doodles on blank paper. (All of the animation is hand drawn by artists using the appropriate Pilot Pen.) The Pilot campaign tagline is “Power to the Pen.”


The print and web components employ a similar style and theme, associating Pilot Pens with the unique personalities and lifestyles of individual people. The web campaign centers on an interactive website,, that invites consumers to submit blog entries and photos of “masterpieces” created with Pilot Pens.

“Everyone has different needs and it was important to showcase this idea,” explains Vitamin creative director Danny DelPurgatorio. “We wanted to illustrate how people use pens in their daily routine, all the while keeping things upbeat and fun.”

DelPurgatorio says that having all the work originate from one studio offered creative and practical advantages. “The campaign’s creative stems from one design. We established a look upfront and from there we were able to apply those sensibilities across multiple platforms.”  He observes that “It resulted in a seamless production from start to finish. This is what we do best.”

For the live action portion of the broadcast spots, Vitamin cast and shot the spot with DelPurgatorio directing. A still shoot for the print and web components was handled simultaneously so clients could oversee aspects of both productions at the same time.  Design, animation (2D and 3D), visual effects, editing and sound mixing were all done at Vitamin’s Chicago studio.

DelPurgatorio said that the creative benefitted from a rich collaboration that developed between Vitamin, Bright Red and Pilot. “We had a lot of fun working with the agency creatives and the team from Pilot,” he says. “They worked with us from design through execution. The energy was great.”

Vitamin is located at 232 East Ohio Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611. For more information, call 312.664.6683 or visit


Production:      Vitamin. Danny DelPurgatorio, Director;  Larissa Shames, Senior Producer; Mary Dezulskis, Line Producer; Steven Piet, Director of Photography; Matt Beharry & Pete McDonald,  Art Directors; Matt Beharry & Rob Foster Compositor, Linas Jodwalis, 3D Lead; Michael Siegel,  3D Artist; Tony Legato, Storyboard Artist; Matt Egan Editor; Fred Keller, Colorist; Adina Kwasigroch, Associate Producer.

Agency:           Bright Red TBWA. Carol Klopfenstein, Agency Producer; Eric Thomas, Agency Associate Creative Director; Cole Zimmerman, Agency Account Executive.

You may view Vitamin’s work for Pilot Pens here:

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