On-set/near-set dailies solution, slated for release in November, shown as part of an end-to-end workflow.

HOLLYWOOD— MTI Film recently unveiled a beta version of its new on-set/near-set dailies solution Cortex::Control Dailies at BIRTV, China’s largest trade show for the film and television industry. Cortex::Control Dailies was featured in a live demonstration of an end-to-end digital cinema workflow conducted by Jebsen Industrial, a leading supplier of production and post-production technologies to Asian markets. MTI Film plans to release Cortex::Control Dailies worldwide in November.

Cortex: Control Dailies includes tools for on-set playback, color correction, audio synchronization, metadata management and transcoding. The system supports virtually all digital cinema camera formats, and provides a simple, streamlined workflow for the production of dailies and review media. It resolves many of the issues experienced by productions employing multiple camera systems or with complex delivery requirements, while ensuring that creative decisions made on the set are preserved through post-production.

At BIRTV, Cortex::Control Dailies was used as the dailies component of a workflow that encompassed every phase of digital cinema production from the camera through final post-production. Cortex::Control Dailies was used to process data generated by an ARRI Alexa camera and produce deliverables for review, editorial and color grading. The demonstration, among the most sophisticated of its type ever conducted in China, drew enthusiastic responses from Chinese filmmakers and others attending the event.

“We are very pleased by the interest that is being generated by Cortex::Control Dailies, not only in China, but also among our customers in the U.S. and around the world,” said MTI Film CEO Larry Chernoff. “Productions everywhere are looking for a solution that simplifies and standardizes the dailies process. Cortex::Control Dailies does just that.” Chernoff added that Beijing Film Academy has become the first Asian producer to pre-order Cortex::Control Dailies.

MTI Film plans to offer Cortex::Control Dailies in three editions: Starter Edition, Pro Edition and Ultimate Edition which vary only in the codecs they support as deliverables. The Starter Edition can output Apple ProRes Proxy, Avid DNxHD 36 and H.264. The Pro Edition adds DPX, OpenEXR and higher bit rates of Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes. The Ultimate Edition adds DVD and Blu-ray authoring.

MTI Film is also developing two other Cortex products. Cortex::Capture is designed for users seeking on-set playback and color correction, but do not require deliverables processing. Cortex::Capture includes all of the features of Cortex::Control Dailies, except transcoding. With a free Starter Edition, users can play back files from ARRI, RED and Sony F65 cameras, among others, set looks and export stills with metadata for post. The third product, Cortex::Convey, is a dedicated transcoding solution.

“We want to make it possible for users to choose the solution that is right for them,” explained MTI Film Vice President of Product Development David McClure. “We’ve also designed them to be easy and efficient to operate. These solutions do not require a large render farm or a complicated setup process. A typical user is able to install the application, set up a project, and create the looks or deliverables they need on a single workstation or laptop.”

About MTI Film LLC

Since 1997 MTI Film has provided award winning software applications to the post-production industry with a focus on technology for digital film restoration and digital dailies.  With strong ties to our customers and an in-house services arm providing real-world, real-time development experience, MTI Film offers the most advanced, efficient and user-friendly applications on the market.  MTI Film products include Correct DRS™, Control Dailies and Convey, and introducing the Cortex family – a simple, powerful and coherent digital workflow solution from pre-production through post-production.

For more information visit www.mtifilm.com.

Photo Captions

Photo 1: Larry Chernoff, CEO of MTI Film with Steven Long and Pearl Wang of Jebsen & Co. LTD.

Photo 2: Larry Chernoff, CEO of MTI Film showing Cortex to BIRTV show attendees.

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