On-set/near-set dailies solution demonstrated at Collaborative Workflow event.

HOLLYWOOD—November 13, 2012—MTI Film has formed a reseller partnership with LumaForge, a Southern California-based value added reseller and systems integrator, to represent its new Cortex family of dailies and transcoding software, as well as its Correct DRS™ restoration solutions. A specialist in collaborative workflows, LumaForge will supply MTI Film’s Cortex::Control Dailies products to film and television productions seeking fast, simple and cost effective solutions for processing dailies on-set or near-set.

“Productions are seeking quicker and more intuitive ways to process and manage dailies,” said MTI Film Director of International Business Development Belinda Merritt. “The combination of LumaForge’s workflow expertise and Cortex’s powerful toolset provides producers with the means to process high-quality dailies faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

Figure 1 MTI Film’s Belinda Merritt announces winners of the Cortex Drawing at Hollywood DI’s Collaborative Workflow Open House. Photo courtesy Barry Goch.

MTI Film and LumaForge conducted a joint demonstration of Cortex::Control Dailies at a Collaborative Workflow Open House sponsored by LumaForge affiliate Hollywood DI last month. The demonstration showcased Cortex::Control Dailies’ support for a range of digital cinema camera systems and formats, as well as its tools for on-set playback, color correction, audio synchronization, metadata management and transcoding. The event drew a crowd comprising hundreds of film and television professionals.

“Cortex is groundbreaking software that is tailored specifically to dailies workflows and back-end integration with post production,” said LumaForge CEO Neil Smith. “It offers excellent functionality at a great price and we believe it will be very popular among the productions we serve.”

LumaForge plans to offer Cortex::Control Dailies as part of its DAILIES In A Box™ service. DAILIES In A Box is an all-in-one solution for on-set/near-set dailies processing, color correction, back-up and transcoding.

MTI Film, LumaForge and storage specialist Aberdeen recently demonstrated Cortex products at Createasphere’s Entertainment Technology Expo in Burbank.

At the Collaborative Workflow event, MTI Film conducted a free drawing with Cortex products as prizes. Taking the Grand Prize was Dan Katzman, an assistant director whose credits include Friends with Benefits and Down with Love. Katzman won a license for Cortex::Control Dailies Starter Edition, which includes the full Cortex::Capture toolset and the ability to transcode to Apple ProRes Proxy, Avid DNxHD 36 and H.264.

Figure 2 MTI Film demonstrates Cortex::Control Dailies to Grand Prize winner Dan Katzman at Hollywood DI’s Collaborative Workflow Open House. Photo courtesy Barry Goch.

Five other attendees won Cortex::Capture Pro Edition, an on-set playback, audio synchronization and color correction solution. Those winners included Ricco Ricardo (Local 600), Gina Vriens (Canon), Patrick Ready, (Digilab Services) Kevin Lee, and Kent Luck (KGL Productions).

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Since 1997 MTI Film has provided award winning software applications to the post-production industry with a focus on technology for digital film restoration and digital dailies.  With strong ties to our customers and an in-house services arm providing real-world, real-time development experience, MTI Film offers the most advanced, efficient and user-friendly applications on the market.  MTI Film products include Correct DRS™, Control Dailies and Convey, and introducing the Cortex family – a simple, powerful and coherent digital workflow solution from pre-production through post-production.
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