LOS ANGELES—Director Michael Shapiro of Bully Pictures explores the intense focus Jason Day brings to the golf course in a new ad for Adidas and Kastner & Partners.

Not Thinking highlights the forethought that Adidas has invested in its line of golf sportswear while presenting dynamic slow motion footage of the young Australian phenom. Shapiro’s fluid camerawork  studies Day’s concentration while showcasing details of his shirt, slacks, shoes and gloves that were designed to address the rigors of heat and difficult terrain. Day is “not thinking” about the obstacles in his path, the voiceover notes, “because we already have.”

“Our aim was to show how Jason’s Adidas clothing allows him to maintain his concentration even in the most adverse conditions,” Shapiro explains. “Despite the heat, despite the position of his ball, despite crowd noise, he focuses on his shot just as he would during a practice round in ideal weather.”

Shapiro used varying camera angles and camera speeds to capture the nuances of Day’s swing. “We kept it real and avoided being overly dramatic,” he says. “It looks very natural.”

Naturalism is a hallmark of Shapiro’s work as a commercial director. In this instance, it results in a portrait of an athlete that is dead on without being grandiose, and certain to resonate with golf fans.



Agency:                Kastner & Partners, Los Angeles. Tim Braybrooks, creative director; Juliet Diamond, senior producer; Richard Bess, art director; Matt Bogen, copywriter;  Sara Hornor, account supervisor.

Production:        Bully Pictures, Los Angeles. Michael Shapiro, director; Jason Forest and Astrid Downs, executive producers.

About Bully Pictures:

Bully Pictures is a full-service commercial broadcast, web viral, branded content production company located in Santa Monica, California. The company’s roster includes Javier Aguilera, Dustin Lance Black,  Juergen Bollmeyer, Fredrik Callinggard, FRAME, Gaute Hesthagen, Daniel Kaufman, Dave Klaiber, Franco Marinelli, Greg Maya, Luke Savage, Michael Shapiro, Craig Tanimoto, Morten Tyldum and Eric Will. For more information, write info@bullypictures.com.

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