LOS ANGELES—December 10, 2012—In his latest contribution for Hallmark, Madheart’s Jan Gleie has directed a spot that captures the spirit of the holidays through a series of disarmingly simple vignettes in which people express their desire to connect with family and friends. It’s part of an ongoing campaign for the brand, out of Leo Burnett, Chicago, employing the theme “Tell Me” and showing how a Hallmark card can satisfy basic human emotional needs.

The spot is composed of a series of artfully crafted portraits in which the subject speaks directly to the camera as if to a loved one of his or her desire for connection. “Tell me that I did a good job.” “…that our traditions matter.” “Tell me you love me for who I am.”

As is typical of Gleie’s work, the vignettes feel authentic and unforced and the speakers connect with viewers because they express simple, human emotions that everyone shares. People engage in holiday activities in casual, natural ways that never feel staged or sentimental. They seem like people we know.

Earlier this year, Gleie directed spots with the same theme for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. He also directed a 60-second branding spot built on the “Tell Me” phrase. That spot included subjects ranging from a woman dealing with the anxiety of growing old to a cancer patient. It’s powerful stuff that, in lessor hands could have struck a false tone, but Gleie delivered it with the light but insightful touch of a master of portraiture.

The holiday spot is currently airing nationally and can also be found on Hallmark’s YouTube Channel.

Madheart is based in Los Angeles. For further information, call 213.995.4555 or visit http://www.madheart.com/.  The company is represented on the West Coast by Lisa Gimenez Toliver (lisa@lisareps.com), Hot Betty in the Midwest (cat@hot-betty.com), and, on the East Coast, by Dana Dubay (dana@dubay.tv) and Kelly Flint (kelly@strikemedia.tv)


Titles:              Tell Me – Holidays

Client:              Hallmark

Agency:           Leo Burnett, Chicago. Jeanie Caggiano, executive creative director; Matt Miller, creative director; Phil Jungmann, creative director; Adam Ferguson, copywriter; Ray Swift, agency producer.

Production:      Madheart, Los Angeles. Jan Gleie, director; Lisa Phillips, executive producer.

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