New encoding/uploading app makes uploading video to the web quick, simple and error-free.

Laguna Niguel, May 13, 2013—Simian, the global leader in creative workflow and media management solutions has announced the release of the Simian Real Time Video Encoder™, a groundbreaking app that makes it simple to simultaneously encode and upload any size video file to the cloud. Available free to Simian users, the new app reduces the complexities involved with encoding and uploading video files to a single drag-and-drop operation. Even large files can be quickly uploaded to Simian. The app also ensures optimal playback.

“The Simian Real Time Video Encoder™ is the fastest way to upload video,” explains Simian co-founder Brian Atton, “and it requires no technical expertise or training. Users simply drag and drop a file into the bucket and the app does the rest.”

The Simian Real Time Video Encoder (RTVE™) saves time by facilitating the encoding on the user’s local computer, thereby eliminating the need to upload uncompressed video to a web-based application. It also simplifies the encoding process with pre-set profiles that ensure optimal video playback on all platforms. Simian’s Smart Encoding Technology ™ also enables the uploading of PDF, JPEG and other media file types and enables the coding to be bypassed where needed.  In addition, the app lets you categorize, tag and add credits upon upload and also offers you the option to bypass.

The Simian Real Time Video Encoder dramatically reduces the time spent on encoding and uploading. “Uploading broadcast quality video files can take hours,” Atton explains, “and dealing with complicated video codecs often leads to errors and frustration.”

Simian is a groundbreaking workflow and ideation platform that sets the industry standard for online media sharing solutions for creative companies. It features a host of innovative tools for managing media libraries, creating and distributing reel presentations, managing projects, tracking sales and marketing activities, and building custom microsites. Advertising agencies, film, television and commercial production companies, music producers and a host of other creative companies worldwide rely on Simian to efficiently manage their media.

About Simian:

Simian™ takes the business of managing digital media to the next level with an innovative workflow and ideation platform designed by industry leaders for industry leaders. Simian’s streamlined, yet highly flexible platform has set the industry standard for online media sharing and workflow solutions for creative companies.

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