Former “Suits”/”Covert Affairs” Co-Producer to oversee expansion of on-set/near-set post-production services.

Los Angeles—SIM Digital has appointed veteran television producer Gavin Barclay as Vice President of its Bling Digital unit. Barclay, whose television credits include such shows as Suits, Covert Affairs, Nip/Tuck and Knight Rider, will oversee the expansion of Bling’s on-set and near-set post-production services, which include solutions for dailies processing, color grading, offline Avid rentals, online editorial and other operations. He will have both operational and client services responsibilities.

“We are thrilled to have Gavin join our team,” says Chris Parker, Chief Technology Officer for SIM Digital and Bling Digital. “Gavin brings deep experience in television production and post-production, and has helped several shows make the transition to file-based workflows with exceptional results. Our clients will benefit greatly from his expertise, insight and enthusiasm.”

For the past six years, Barclay has served as a post-producer for NBC Universal. Working with Bling Digital, he developed file-based workflows for the shows that allowed them to prepare dailies, perform color grading and editorial finishing within the shows’ production offices, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

“Moving the post facility into our offices made everyone’s life easier,” Barclay recalls. “It eliminated the need to make daily trips across town and avoided scheduling conflicts with other shows. Post became streamlined and efficient.”

In his new role, Barclay will introduce similar workflow solutions to other television and film productions. “I’m excited with what Bling is doing, especially on the finishing side,” he says. “Post production doesn’t have to be as hard as it is for many productions. With new technologies and the workflows we are developing, having time to enjoy life outside of work is no longer a fantasy.”

About Bling Digital

Bling Digital, a division of SIM Digital, is a post-production technology and services provider specializing in on-set data management, digital dailies, post production finishing, data archiving and editorial systems rentals. Focused on maximizing production efficiency, Bling has pioneered some of the most coveted digital workflow solutions, developing highly portable equipment services and processes for commercial and long-format productions. It continues to engineer new systems that allow clients to work confidently with the latest camera technologies available through SIM Digital.

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About SIM Digital
With offices across the USA, Canada and China, SIM Digital is a world-class rental facility specializing in digital production equipment and workflow services. SIM offers one of the largest and most diverse inventories of the latest digital cinematography tools from top manufacturers including ARRI, Sony, RED, Panasonic, Canon, Fujinon, Angenieux, Zeiss, Cooke. In tandem with its innovative Bling Digital division, the company offers the industry’s most comprehensive workflow solutions for feature and television production, encompassing cameras, data, dailies, offline editorial, finishing and archiving.  For more information, visit

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