’s Joe Clear has edited a new spot for The Beef Council and Leo
Burnett that celebrates the time-honored traditions of the backyard barbecue.
is the personal tale
of a man who learned to cook the perfect steak from his father. As the man
slips a cut of meat onto a grill his thoughts drift back to childhood. As a boy
standing by his father’s side, he learns the secrets of the family recipe and
is handed a pair of tongs in a ceremony laden with emotion. Back in present
day, the man sits down at a picnic table with his wife and their young son.

flashback sequence is told through gold-toned, slow-motion imagery. The mood of
fond remembrance is enhanced by an upbeat piano track and Clear’s graceful editing.
He guides viewers from the present to the past and back again through a
sequence of subtle cuts and dissolves. “Shooting everything over-cranked added
just the right amount of elegance to set the spot apart,” observes Clear.
Clear adds
that he enjoyed his collaborative work with Leo Burnett’s creative team.
“Fostering creativity is what we do at The Colonie,” he says. “It’s always
great to work with a team of creative people that starts from the top and
continues all the way down.”
Title:  Flashback
Client: The Beef Council.
Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago. Patrick
Rynell and Bill Hatzinger, Creative Directors. Ron Nelken, Executive Producer.
Production:  HSI L.A. Margaret
Elman and Joy Kilpatrick, Directors
Editorial:  The Colonie. Joe Clear, Editor;
Lauren Malis, Assistant Editor.
Finishing: The Colonie. Tom Durnulc, Visual
Effects Artist.
Color:  Nolo Digital. Mike Matusek,
Mix: Particle Audio. Katy
Mindeman, Mixer.
The Colonie,
Represented by Sonia Blum at Hilly Representatives,

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