LOS ANGELES—Georgi Banks-Davies is heading to Madheart. The British director, the
subject of growing international acclaim for her work for Coca-Cola, AT&T,
O2 and other brands, has chosen the boutique, Los Angeles-based production
company to orchestrate her entry into the U.S. market.
is a brilliant talent whose work is particularly relevant to today’s culture,”
says Madheart executive producer Lisa Phillips. “She creates advertising that
is uplifting, with a depth and richness that is both real and appropriate to
the subject or brand. We are very excited to work with her.” Phillips added
that Banks-Davies is currently working on a campaign for Coca-Cola via Ogilvy
& Mather, Berlin, and German production company Tony Petersen Film (TPF).

has been directing through Friend for two years and during that time has
created a body of work for major advertisers notable for its naturalism and
emotional power. Her latest work includes a campaign for the international food
brand American Garden. Themed “Let’s Savor Life,” the ads show people of
different ethnicities enjoying the magic of being alive. Scenes range from
young people sitting around a beach campfire to a couple skydiving. “It’s about
the sense of wonder, the energy and excitement people invest in moments from
the smallest to the biggest,” Banks-Davies explains.
she has done the bulk of her work in Europe, Banks-Davies is not entirely new
to U.S. advertising. Last December, she directed a campaign for AT&T  and BBDO, New York focused on digital
lifestyles. It consists of a series of charming, intimate  scenes celebrating the chaos of family life
while subtly offering AT&T cellphones and other digital technology as a way
to stay connected and in control. “The concept works because it shows how the
product is relevant and connects to people’s lives,” she says.
was hired directly out of film school by the BBC to direct on-air promos and
other short-form media. Two years later, she joined CNN. Traveling to Beirut,
Uganda, California and other points around the world, she again created promos
and short films on an astonishing array of subjects. “My time at CNN made me
the director that I am today,” she says. “It taught me the art of emotional
storytelling—how to say it all in a very short time.”
will immediately begin to market Banks-Davies through its national sales
network. “I am thrilled to join Madheart,” Banks-Davies says. “I am a big fan
of their directors. The quality of their work is fantastic and at a level where
I, too, want to work. I was delighted that Lisa reached out to me.”

Madheart is based in Los Angeles. For further information,
call 310-421-4441or visit http://www.madheart.com/.  The company is represented on the West Coast
by Lisa Gimenez (lisa@manifestcreative.tv), in
the Midwest by Hot Betty (cat@hot-betty.com),
on the East Coast by Dana Dubay (dana@dubay.tv)
and in the Southeast by Sarah Lange
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