LOS ANGELES—International Director Jim Sonzero
and Bang Bang Films, India’s International production company, have joined
forces to create a unique joint venture- SONZERO FILMS INDIA/BANG BANG.
Primarily focused on beauty, lifestyle and storytelling, the new
boutique has just completed its inaugural project, L’Oreal Fall Repair
campaign with Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor, and will be shooting another spot for
L’Oreal starring Aishwarya Rai at the beginning of August.

Over the past three years, Sonzero has
been working consistently in India, where he is best known for his L’Oreal work
and more recently, Livon Silky Potions featuring Rachel Bayros.
This new partnership Sonzero Films India/Bang Bang Films
reflects an ever-changing advertising landscape, one that has Sonzero forging
new ground as the first director to make this type of commitment to the Indian
market.  The venture, while together with
Bang Bang Films and capitalizing on Bang Bang’s reputed production in the
Indian market, stands alone as a separate entity, one that comprises a perfect
amalgam of Jim Sonzero’s cutting-edge aesthetics and directing prowess with
what is widely regarded to be the home of the best production values in South
Sonzero and Roopak Saluja, Founder and Managing Director,
Bang Bang Films, have a history of successful collaborations and reunited after
a year to create this new venture.
A director without boundaries, Sonzero also works on high
profile North American and international brands having recently completed a
global Clinique campaign for New York agency Audrey and a celebrity driven
package for Neutrogena, starring Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts and Sandra
Echeverria for DDB Roberts and Langer.
“India is a thriving emerging market,” comments Sonzero.
“It’s an exciting place to work if you can adapt. To be relevant globally you
have to step up your game. By opening this joint venture I am committing to the
Indian market and I have an amazing team behind me.”
 “Roopak Saluja is an amazing guy!” Sonzero
adds.  “I am thrilled to be in business
with Bang Bang. They’re a kickass company with a solid reputation and awesome
staff of producers. They always deliver. I am excited about the venture and
look forward to a long prosperous relationship.”
Known for mixing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere on the
set with a driven and intense work ethic designed to deliver just what a client
needs, Sonzero engenders passionate responses from his clients and
Roopak Saluja, Founder & Managing Director, Bang Bang
Films, describes the alliance with Sonzero as “A match made in advertising
“Jim is a true artist with a masterful sense of lighting,
color, beauty and style,” Saluja says. “He also understands the aesthetics and
tastes of the Indian market. Indian stars love to work with him and Indian
agencies are thrilled by his results. 
And most of all, this is a tested a partnership- we understand each
other and are comfortable with each other’s capabilities, approach and work
Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor, who’s worked with Sonzero on
more than one occasion and is one of the two faces of L’Oreal Paris in India,
comments, “Jim is one of the most interesting and fun ad film directors I have
worked with. His energy and work is absolutely brilliant and he makes work seem
like play. I am really happy that he is planning to open a production
house in India and I hope he moves here so we can work more often.”
Sonzero has an equally loyal clientele and fan following
around the world:
“Jim understands beauty, he
understands hair and lighting and all the things needed to make our talent look
good,” says Andy Langer, Chief Creative Officer at Roberts
& Langer, who’s shot numerous celebrity campaigns for Neutrogena
with Sonzero. “And then he has the ability to make everyone on the
set relax – and in this category, that doesn’t necessarily go together.”
“With him, nobody’s a prima
donna,” Langer continues.  “There’s no pressure. And
you just know he’s going to get it done. He can make you relax, and he makes
the talent really comfortable. They know he’s going to deliver. And that’s
what’s nice about working with him: it’s a very high comfort level while you’re
doing it, and then there’s great film when you’re done.”
Lynn Mercado is another agency creative who’s
comfortable with Sonzero, although passionate might be a better term to use.
“I’m one of his biggest fans,” says the EVP, Creative Group Head
at Roberts & Langer. “I’d go to the ends of the earth for that
What she likes most about working with Sonzero is
his agency background and the way it informs his approach to projects. “He
understands conceptually the whole spot, not just the image
part,” Mercado says, “which is what a lot of fashion and
beauty directors focus on.”
Joining forces with Bang Bang Films, one of India’s leading
commercial production companies, is a bold step for Sonzero and both companies
look forward to a long and successful collaboration.
Show reels and contact information can be found at www.sonzerofilms.com
For more information, call 213.631.0552.
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