Colorist Martin Zeichner helps to capture the atmosphere of 1940s
Virginia for coming of age story based on David Baldacci’s bestseller.
NEW YORK— Final post production work for the independent drama
Wish You Well was recently completed
at Technicolor – PostWorks in New York. Directed by Darnell Martin, the film is
based on the best-selling novel by David Baldacci, who also wrote the
screenplay. Set in the 1940s, it is the story of a young girl, Lou Cardinal,
who goes to live with her great-grandmother in Virginia after her writer father
is killed in a car accident. The film stars Josh Lucas, Mackenzie Foy and
Academy Award-winner Ellen Burstyn.

Technicolor – PostWorks’ Martin Zeichner applied the final
grade using a Baselight system. Zeichner, whose credits range from The Devil Wears Prada to Boardwalk Empire, worked in concert with
cinematographer Frank Prinzi, ASC to accentuate the film’s time period and
mood. “This film is very much about how the environment shapes the
personalities of the characters,” Zeichner says. “I took that as my cue to
emphasize the beauty of the backgrounds in the photography. Frank and I worked together
to bring out the beauty of the land.”
Prinzi, says Zeichner, is detail-oriented and knew exactly
what he wanted from each scene in the film. Locations are spread across
Virginia’s Giles County and Prinzi shot each one to bring out its individual
personality and place in the film’s narrative. Zeichner worked to enhance those
qualities in the grade.
“The film moves through various towns, some wealthy, some
poorer,” Zeichner recalls. “In the story, mining companies have begun to move
into the area to strip mine the mountains, and they have created mining towns
that feel desolate. We desaturated those places, made them cooler, and less
attractive than other towns that were thriving and bustling.”
The heart of the film’s story involves Lou’s struggle to find
herself in the wake of losing her parents (her mother is left traumatized and
catatonic from the same accident that killed her father) by becoming a writer
herself. A scene with Lou working on a submission to a writing contest
sponsored by the Saturday Evening Post was also given specialized color
treatment. “I applied a combination of soft focus and sharpening to shape the
frame the way Frank wanted,” Zeichner notes. “It gives the scene a very
intimate look.”
The producers of Wish
You Well
are in the process of securing a film sales agent and are aiming
for a theatrical release. Zeichner’s work in his grading theater at Technicolor
– PostWorks ensures that when that happens the final product will look
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