London, UK
–—Codex will
demonstrate new products, including Codex Review, Vault 2 and Data Logger One at
IBC 2013, September 13th to 17th at the RAI in Amsterdam. 
Codex Vault 2
facilitates extremely fast transfers of camera originals creating onset safety
copies, archiving to LTO tape and automated production management, image and
metadata QC, powerful look management and review of all media. It has been
embraced by some of the industry’s top camera rental houses including Take Two,
Movietech and the ARRI Rental Group, as well as movie and television studios
such as Marvel, HBO, Televisa and Disney. Vault 2 provides for a simple,
streamlined workflow for RED, Sony, ARRI and Canon cameras.

the need for on- or near-set playback, the new Codex Review allows for playback
of digital camera originals directly through Vault for QC and review on a
calibrated monitor. It contains a full color pipeline and is ACES-compliant so
that dailies can be seen as the cinematographer intended. A thorough QC can be
performed with easy panning and zooming using a control surface. An intuitive
user interface with a sophisticated timeline enables issues to be flagged and a
report generated.
Codex’s new
Data Logger One is a single-channel, serial data recorder that can be mounted
on the camera bars. It captures metadata directly from a number of devices
including the Preston FIZ Controller and Cooke /i lenses. This invaluable data
can include focus distance, depth of field, focal zoom position, inertial, GPS
and iris settings, all of which can be used by post production and visual
effects teams. Codex provides options to get this metadata to the people who
can use it – an open interchange format to move data to Pixel Farm’s PF Track
or the data can be translated and processed directly. 
Codex Data Logger One
will also be showing the award-winning range of Codex Onboard recording
solutions and the recently released internal recording module,
co-developed with ARRI, for ARRI’s Alexa camera. The XR Module allows internal
recording of ARRIRAW at speeds up to 120 fps (16:9) onto an exceptionally fast
512 GB XR Capture Drive. The module facilitates untethered shooting in a
smaller camera configuration. All new ARRI Alexa XT cameras include the XR
Module. Alexa XT cameras with internal Codex recording have already been used
on major feature films such as X Men:
Days of Future Past, Birdman, Hercules
and Guardians of the Galaxy.
recording and workflow technology has been used on hundreds of film productions
worldwide. Upcoming releases that have relied on Codex products include Prisoners, Mad Max: Fury Road, Riddick, All is
, Gravity, Thor: The Dark World and Rush.
About Codex
 Codex, who are based in London, England, design and manufacture
high-performance workflow tools for feature film, television and commercials
production. These integrated systems, designed by film-makers for film-makers,
manage digital files and images from camera through to post production, visual
effects and archiving and include tools for color, dailies creation, archiving,
review and digital asset management. Codex continues to raise the bar for
digital production by combining great electronics and industrial design with
cutting edge tools.
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