Burbank—McDonald’s, Best Buy Canada, the Alstom Group and Simian are
among the winners of the 4th Annual DAMMY Awards, Createasphere’s competition for excellence in digital asset management.
Announced as part of Createasphere’s Digital
Asset Management Conference and Exhibition
in New York City, the DAMMYs are the premier award in the
digital asset management industry, recognizing pioneering individuals and
organizations for outstanding achievement over the past 12 months.

year’s DAMMY competition attracted the most diverse group of participants in
the history of the event. Participants competed in four categories recognizing
innovations in security, workflows and new revenue streams, as well as for DAMMY
of the Year, recognizing an outstanding individual who “exemplifies
forward-thinking, leadership and innovation.” Judging was conducted by a
blue-ribbon panel led by Fran Alexander (BCA Research), Lisa McIntyre
(GSD&M), Jeff Lawrence (Celerity) and David Riercks (ControlledVocabulary.com).

2013 DAMMY Award winners
  • ·        
    DAMMY of the Year, David
    Diamond, Director of Global Marketing, Picturepark
  • ·        
    Best Example of Asset & Media Repurposing, Brian
    Atton, Co-Founder, Simian.
  • ·        
    Best Storage, Archive and/or Preservation
    , Christina Aguilera, Manager, Global Digital Asset Management,
    McDonald’s Corporation
  • ·        
    Best Strategy Ease of Use for End-User
    Elaine West, Director of Internet and Brand,
    Alstom Group
  • ·        
    Best Strategy or Solution for Digital & Media
    Asset Management during Acquisition of Content
    , Wayne
    Yang, Senior Manager, Production Services, Best Buy Canada

year’s DAMMY winners represent the highest level of dedication and
professionalism, and each one has made significant contributions that will have
an impact on the industry for years to come,” said Createasphere president
Kristin Petrovich Kennedy. “We are very pleased to honor these individuals and
organization and are grateful to everyone who helped to make the 2013 DAMMYs an
outstanding success.”
2014 Digital Asset Management Conferences will be held in Los Angeles in March
and New York City in October. Information on specific dates and locations will
be available soon at http://www.createasphere.com/DAM.
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Createasphere was founded in 2001, and over the past decade
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