LONDON— /i Squared Technology, a revolutionary system
for capturing metadata from digital cameras, is the recipient of a Best of IBC
2013 Award, presented by TVB Europe. Developed jointly by Codex, Cooke Optics and The Pixel Farm,
/i Squared Technology streamlines the process of capturing critical lens data,
which can lead to significant time and cost savings in production and post
production. Best of IBC 2013 award-winners were selected by TVB Europe and IBC
Daily teams after reviewing new products from the more than 1400 IBC

“/i Squared
Technology is the result of the productive collaboration of engineers from
Codex, Cooke and Pixel Farm,” said Sarah Priestnall, Vice President/Market
Development, Codex. “This technology is particularly beneficial to visual
effects teams as it provides them with critical data to aid in complex tracking
shots and other applications.”
/i Squared Technology builds on technology originally developed by Cooke
Optics to record lens and camera data. The new system includes additional
functions to increase its usefulness to post-production and visual effects
teams. Codex’s new Data Logger One can be used to record inertial data, as well
as focus distance, depth of field, focal zoom position, iris settings and other
information. All of this data can be passed through to post production where it
can be used to facilitate match moving, 3D camera tracking and other functions.
Pixel Farm’s PFTrack can employ this data to make camera tracking simpler,
faster and more accurate.
/i Squared Technology will be available with Cooke lenses beginning in
who are based in London, England, design and manufacture high-performance
workflow tools for feature film, television and commercials production. These
integrated systems, designed by film-makers for film-makers, manage digital
files and images from camera through to post production, visual effects and
archiving and include tools for color, dailies creation, archiving, review and
digital asset management. Codex continues to raise the bar for digital
production by combining great electronics and industrial design with cutting
edge tools.
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