continues its close association with the Polish cinematography festival, which
will include screenings of “Fading Gigolo,” “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” and
“Inside Llewyn Davis.”
NEW YORK— Technicolor – PostWorks, New York,
provided post production services for three films screening this month at Camerimage,
the world’s leading international film festival celebrating cinematographers
and the craft of cinematography. They include Fading Gigolo¸ whose director, John Turturro, will receive the
festival’s Special Award for an Actor-Director, as well as Inside Llewyn Davis and Lee Daniels’ The Butler, which will compete for the festival’s
coveted Golden Frog Award in its Main Competition. The 21st Camerimage
International Film Festival will be held November 16 – 23 in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Technicolor and Technicolor-PostWorks New York have a long
history of support for Camerimage and the films that screen there. In 2010, Technicolor-PostWorks
introduced Keanu Reeves to the organizers of the festival, which later served
as the backdrop for his documentary on digital cinematography, Side by Side.  The documentary debuted at Camerimage last year
and the facility is currently re-mastering the project to 35mm film for
presentation at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
“For many years
Technicolor-PostWorks has taken a great interest in helping out Camerimage by
connecting us with key filmmakers and pertinent content,” said Camerimage
Festival Office Manager Kazik Suwala.  “This year the relationship
continued through an introduction to John Turturro and his new feature Fading Gigolo.  We are grateful for
their support.”
For Fading Gigolo, Technicolor
– PostWorks provided a range of services, including 35mm film processing,
dailies production, editorial finishing and digital intermediate color grading.
Final color grading was performed by Senior Colorist Tim Stipan, working under
the direction of Turturro and cinematographer Marco Pontecorvo, AIC.
Fading Gigolo was
the fourth film directed by Turturro to be finished at Technicolor – PostWorks.
The facility provided similar services for his films Mac, Illuminata and Romance & Cigarettes. “Over the
years John has taken an increasingly active role in the post production of his
films,” observes Charles Herzfeld, Senior Vice President of Feature Sales. “He
guides the process.”
Technicolor – Post Works also provided conform and digital
intermediate color grading   for Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Director Lee
Daniels is another longtime client of the facility —TPNY provided similar
services for Daniels’ films Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by
and The Paperboy.  Both Precious and The
were shot by Andrew Dunn, BSC and were graded by Stipan.
Inside Llewyn Davis, shot on 35mm by Bruno Delbonnel, ASC, AFC, is the latest film from
directors Joel and Ethan Coen. 
Technicolor – PostWorks provided an advanced dailies workflow and final
color grading under the guidance of Technicolor supervising digital colorist
Peter Doyle. 
About Technicolor – PostWorks New York
– PostWorks New York is the East Coast’s most comprehensive digital motion
picture and post-production facility, employing an exceptional team of artists,
engineers and project managers to serve our clients through the film and TV
finishing process.
data workflows, film processing, telecine/scanning, non-linear editorial and HD
picture finishing, digital intermediate and film recording, high-volume
encoding and high-speed data transmission, as well as comprehensive film and TV
sound services on nine mix stages, Technicolor – PostWorks New York serves as
one source for every post production requirement.
For more information,
visit http://www.technicolorpwny.com
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