“Forever First” spots from Michigan agency
Factory promotes bank’s deep relationships with its clients.

LOS ANGELES —  The human stories behind such bedrock banking offerings as
savings accounts, debit cards and small business services are explored in a new
campaign for North Carolina-based First Citizens Bank. Bully Pictures’ Jeffrey DeChausse
directed three spots themed “Forever First” for new Michigan agency Factory and
the 115-year-old bank, which is making its first major advertising push in more
than a decade.
Each spot weaves an emotional tale focusing on how First
Citizens Bank helps its customers. First Love follows a boy as he grows to adulthood
while saving money to achieve his dream. In A
Dog’s Life
, a woman is inspired to build her own business. Together shows how an innovative new
family debit card helps a single father stay connected with his teenage

“The commercials are about financial
services and we are making those services relevant by connecting them to familiar
human stories,” says DeChausse. “The agency’s scripts provided a beautiful
opportunity to do something great.”
DeChausse aimed for naturalism and
directed the spots with an eye for realism. “We want viewers to get lost in the
human element,” he explains. “I wanted to be sure that the actors really
understood the stories, their themes and meanings, so that they weren’t just
performing roles.”
Mark Lantz, founder and executive
creative director of Factory, says that the passion and energy DeChausse
brought to the project was infectious. “He has great empathy for the characters
he portrays and good storytelling chops,” Lantz observes. “We wanted this
campaign to strike a resonant human chord, and Jeffrey nailed it.”
An Emmy for 100 Club
DeChausse struck a different emotional
chord with a public service ad for Chicago agency Downtown Partners and the 100
Club of Chicago, a charity benefitting surviving family members of police
officers, firefighters and paramedics who lose their lives in the line of duty.
The ad features Joe Mantegna, Dennis Franz and other well-known actors talking
about the difference between playing a cop on television and working as a real
life law enforcement officer. “They don’t always go home,” says Franz. The
actors stand on a sound stage and talk directly to the camera. The spot
recently won a Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement for
Community/Public Service.
“The idea is so simple,” says DeChausse, “but sometimes the
simplest ideas are also the biggest—and this was one of them.”
DeChausse’s other recent work includes
a campaign for ADT out of Doner, Detroit, and a short film entitled Anniversario.
The latter is a comedy about a woman who visits her favorite hairdressers in
preparation for her 45th wedding anniversary celebration. The film recently won
for Best Director at Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival and is
also an official selection of the Austin Film Festival, New Filmmakers Los
Angeles, and the La Costa Film Festival.
First Citizens Bank Credits
Titles:              A Dog’s Life, Together, First Love
Agency:          Factory. Mark Lantz, Founder, Executive Creative Director; Greg
Sieck, Founder, Agency Operations; Tom Parr, Creative Director; Craig Mungons,
Producer; William Wayland, Director of Client Services; Victoria Merritt,
Assistant Account Executive; Kathi Strace, Talent & Business Manager;
Cheryl Addington, Art Director
Production:        Bully Pictures, Los Angeles. Jeffrey
DeChausse, director; Jason Forest, executive producer.
Bully Pictures
Bully Pictures is a full-service commercial broadcast, web
viral, branded content production company located in Santa Monica,
California.  The company’s roster
includes Javier Aguilera, Dustin Lance Black, Juergen Bollmeyer, Fredrik Callinggard, Jeffrey DeChausse, Anne
Fletcher, Dave Klaiber, Gaute Hesthagen, Gregory Maya, Luke Savage, Michael
Shapiro, and Morten Tyldum. For more information, write info@bullypictures.com
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