New half hour series highlights the
emotionally charged and phenomenally lucrative world of sports memorabilia.

America’s insatiable appetite for sports and sports
memorabilia is the subject of a new, fast-paced, half-hour reality television
series from producer Don DuPree, director John Komnenich and creative director
Mike Waterkotte. Sponsored by Allstate, A Piece of the Game tells the
stories of some of the greatest moments in the history of sports—and the
collectables that capture the memories. The show recently debuted on Chicago
station WGN and earned a local Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement for Sports Programs. The producers are
planning a national rollout later this year.

“The show combines
elements of Antiques Roadshow and Pawn Stars with a sports twist,”
explains Komnenich, a well-known commercial director, represented nationally by
STORY. He points out that sports memorabilia has become a billion dollar
industry. A jersey worn by Babe Ruth recently sold for $4.4 million.
Each episode of A Piece of the Game features real-life sports memorabilia
collectors and their most prized treasures. Background segments delve into the
legends behind the collectables which are then evaluated by a panel of experts.
The show’s pilot episode, taped at Chicago’s legendary Harry Caray’s
Steakhouse, features an oversized baseball bat gifted by Babe Ruth to a bar
owner, a hockey stick that belonged to Bobby Hull, and a uniform from the film A League of Their Own. In a subsequent
episode, Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr. tries out his swing with a bat once used
by Lou Gehrig—the Yankees star whose “iron man” streak he broke.  The show is hosted by well-known Chicago
sports broadcaster David Kaplan. Bill Kurtis provides voice-over for historical
A Piece of the Game marks Komnenich’s debut as a television
director. His work in advertising includes commercials for Disney, Kellogg’s,
Chevrolet, Budweiser, McDonald’s, Kraft, Max Factor, Sears and AllState. DuPree’s
background includes executive producer and director of Siskel & Ebert. He also served as assistant news director at
Chicago CBS affiliate WBBM.
“From my standpoint,
as a director, it’s an opportunity to tell interesting stories,” Komnenich
notes, adding that the subject’s personality is often revealed when deciding
whether or not to sell an item. “It often comes down to, what’s worth more, the
object or the memory?” he says. “There are some people who won’t sell,
regardless of the price. They’d rather keep their prized momento and pass it
onto a son or daughter.”
Based on the
phenomenal success of other reality series focused on collectibles, Komnenich
believes that A Piece of the Game will
catch on with a national audience, concluding, “We think the show has legs.”
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