LONDON—At NAB 2014, PAG, one of the broadcast
industry’s longest established global providers of innovative portable power
solutions, will launch its new Gold Mount® (3-Stud Snap-On®) compatible, high-current,
PAGlink battery, a replacement for all Anton/Bauer® Li-Ion batteries. The new
battery will be showcased by Manios
Digital & Film
, Stand C9539.
is the first truly digital linking battery system,” says PAG Sales Director Nigel Gardiner. “It offers more power, more
functional benefits and more technological advances than any other system.”
smaller and lighter PAGlink HC-PL94T Li-Ion battery is compatible with Gold
Mount camera plates and Anton/Bauer Li-Ion chargers; there is no need to change
either in order to benefit from the many advantages of these new, revolutionary
intelligent-linking batteries. 

Two or
more PAGlink batteries, in any state of charge, can be linked, combining their
capacities and enabling a higher current to be drawn. Up to 12A can be supplied
for power hungry camera set-ups with multiple accessories. Individual high-current
PAGlink packs are capable of 10A alone. Two linked packs provide longer
run-time than two single packs used consecutively. PAGlink also allows
batteries to be hot-swapped for continuous power. (International patents have been applied for PAGlink.)

was designed so that flight-friendly 94 watt-hour battery units can be linked
to create a high-capacity Li-Ion power source on location. Linking two HC-PL94T
packs creates an 188Wh battery. Although Li-Ion batteries with capacities
greater than 160 watt-hours are banned from passenger flights, 94Wh PAGlink
batteries—which are UN certified and embody unsurpassed safety features—are allowed
in unlimited quantity.
up to four PAGlink batteries can be linked for charging on AB Li-Ion chargers,
effectively resulting in a 16-channel unit. That results in less battery swapping
and a need for fewer chargers. PAGlink batteries display their individual
status during charging. PAGlink allows up to eight batteries to be linked in
total for charge or discharge.
PAGlink batteries form a network when linked, allowing them to communicate with
each other and manage output safely and efficiently,” notes Gardiner. “It also
enables them to communicate automatically with the camera data system that
allows Anton/Bauer batteries to display their remaining capacity in the camera
viewfinder/LCD. PAGlink is the right battery for today’s
increasingly computerized cameras. It makes other battery systems seem crude by
PAGlink HC-PL94T battery incorporates a convenient numeric display that, with
two button presses on-load, shows remaining camera run-time in hours and minutes.
The display maintains accuracy by tracking
cell-performance and adjusting calibration values to compensate for cell-aging.
When batteries are linked, the run-time figure given is for the entire stack,
but a single button press shows individual
battery capacity as a percentage.
Gold Mount and Snap-On are registered trademarks of Anton/Bauer.)
About PAG
PAG is the British-based designer and
manufacturer of the most technologically advanced camera power and lighting
systems for the broadcast and professional video industry. The company is best known for
providing batteries, chargers, on-board camera lighting, lighting accessories,
battery mounts and power adaptors for broadcasting organizations, video
production companies, equipment hire companies, freelancers, cinematographers,
professional videographers, the military and civil authorities.
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