New SMART PRO fluid
head, STABILO spreader-less tripod, SMART STOP ENG tripod and E-REM 25 remote control head, as well as upgraded
FOCUS HD and MASTER MK II will be shown by Manios Digital & Film.

USA,  one of the world’s premier
manufacturers of professional and prosumer camera support gear, will debut a
number of new products and product upgrades at NAB 2014, including SMART PRO, a
low-cost fluid head for camera payloads up to 13 lbs. (6 kg). CARTONI products will be showcased by Cartoni USA, Stand C9539.
Based on CARTONI’s best-selling HiDV Fluid Head, SMART PRO offers a variety of
innovative touches including ergonomic knobs for ease-of-use, better control
and a more fluid touch on drag and counterbalance. It is also equipped with
such professional-grade features as a continuously-variable fluid drag system
and CARTONI’s patented “wing” counterbalance system. The head’s 75 mm diameter
bowl is compatible with all 75 mm tripods as well as most current-generation
slider attachments. Significantly, SMART PRO comes with a reduced price, a breakthrough
for the prosumer market, making it by far the best cost-per-quality value in
its class.

Another worldwide best seller, FOCUS HD, for cameras up to 26 lbs. (12 kg), has been further
improved for 2014. New features include ergonomic knobs for precise
counterbalance and tilt drag control, a complement to the head’s continuously
variable fluid damping system and patented variable counterbalance. FOCUS HD comes
packaged with a new, state-of-the-art carbon-fiber tripod offering extreme
compactness, lightweight and exceptional stability.
The latest addition to CARTONI’s tripod line-up, STABILO, will be shown for the first
time at NAB. Extremely compact and lightweight, the 3-stage, carbon fiber
tripod folds to a short 25 inches (63.5 cm), making it perfect as a carryon or
for backpack use. Its sticks extend to an amazing maximum height of 72 inches
(182.5 cm) with a low range of 8.8 inches (22.5 cm). Stick extension is secured
by three rotating grips that can be set to three different angles, clearly
indicated on each side of the leg attachment and with no need for a spreader to
maintain position.
equipped with a standard 100 mm bowl but can be down-stepped to 75 mm via a
reduction ring. It can be matched with the FOCUS HD to create a perfect
combination for news reporters and wildlife operators, with a total weight of only
11 lbs. (5 kg).
 As a specialty item, CARTONI will exhibit its patented SMART STOP ENG tripod. It features a
100 mm bowl and an innovative 2-stage rapid extension that can be operated by a
single lever. Weighing only 6.4 lbs. (2.9 kg), it is perfect for newsgathering.
CARTONI will also present its new remote control head, E-REM 25, suitable for cameras up to 55
lbs. (25 kg). Extremely smooth, reliable and silent, E-REM 25 is ideal for use
in television studios and can be operated on pedestals, tripods or under-slung
from cranes. Competitively priced, the remote head is equipped with simple
modular electronics and state-of-the-art gear mechanics. A variety of remote
command options are available for E-REM 25 including joystick, hand-wheels and
fluid pan bar (with optional zoom and focus implemented on the console).
E-REM 25
 Finally, an upgraded version of the classic MASTER MK II will be on display. Improved
features include a revolutionary, patented counterbalance system for a perfect balance
at any tilt angles from 4.4 lbs. to 66 lbs. (2 kg – 30 kg). Compact and
lightweight, Master MK II is an ideal companion to the latest digital 35 mm full-frame
cameras, stripped or fully equipped with long lenses, follow focus rigs,
monitors, batteries and other accessories. MASTER MK II comes with a flat
Mitchell base that can be converted to a 150 mm bowl via an adapter. It offers
a tilt range of +/- 90° and a camera quick-release attachment that interfaces
directly with ARRI and Red camera plates.

Bowl diameter:  75/100 mm
Type: 3-stage carbon fiber
Max Height: 71.9” (182.5 cm)
Min Height:  8.8” (22.5 cm)
Folded Height: 25” (63.5 cm)
Weight:  6.6
lbs. (3 kg)
Max Load:  88 lbs. (40 kg)
E-REM 25
Payload:  55 lbs. (25 kg)
Weight  (empty):  30.8 lbs. (14
Pan/tilt range:  Unlimited
Pan/tilt speed:  max 120 rpm –
720°/sec – min 0,05 rpm – 0.3°/sec
Pan/tilt resolution:  800.000
Power:  24 VDC – (10 Amp @ 24V)
Mount:  Mitchell
Data transmission:  RS232/CAN
Use/application:  Robotics
Available controllers: Desk console /w
joystick, pan-bar head, hand wheels
Options:  Zoom/focus control
Payload capacity:  66 lbs. (30 kg)
Weight:   18.7
lbs. (8.5 kg)
Pan range: 
Tilt range: 
+/- 90°
Fluid drag: Continuous
Bowl diameter: Flat Mitchell/150mm
range:  – 40°/+60°C (- 40°/+158°F)

Reflecting the state
of the art in camera support technology, CARTONI offers the
widest product range in the industry. 79
years of know-how and experience, innovative solutions, patented
technologies and the constant care of serving the professional in any shooting
situation with any camera, make CARTONI synonymous with
excellence in camera support. CARTONI currently exports from Rome, its Italian
headquarters, to 65 countries in five continents, with a network of agents and
distributors serving all major international users. CARTONI’s
mission is to guarantee the cameraman the highest possible reliability, freedom
and creativity in any environment.
CARTONI – Via Giuseppe Mirri, 13 – Rome 00159
(RM) Italy. Phone: +39 064382002 FAX: +39 0643588293
Formed in 1992, CARTONI USA is the North American office CARTONI
fluid heads, tripods, pedestals. CARTONI manufactures a wide range of Fluid
Heads for both Video and Film applications. The company’s products support
cameras of all sizes and descriptions, from the smallest DV cameras to the
largest studio cameras, while adhering to the highest industry standards for
quality, reliability, performance, durability and features.
10663 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601; 818.760.8290.
For almost 22 years, Manios Digital & Film, a division of
Ste-Man, Inc., under the direction of President Steven Manios, Jr., has been
bringing the highest quality products manufactured worldwide to professional
filmmakers, videographers and ENG crews here in the United States. With more than thirty
years in the business, Manios has built up the contacts and relationships, both
domestic and worldwide that are required to be a leading distributor. Manios
Digital & Film features an extensive dealer network in the United States.
Working closely with the professionals, listening and understanding their needs
have made Manios Digital & Film a trusted partner for film and video
professionals worldwide.
Manios Digital & Film 10663 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood,
CA 91601;
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