HOLLYWOOD—Collaboration in the age of cloud
computing will be the subject of an expert panel discussion at the 2014 NAB
Show’s Technology Summit on Cinema. Titled “Distributive Creativity,” the
special session will offer an in-depth view on the advent of cloud-based,
distributed workflows for editorial, visual effects and other processes, and
how they will affect the role of post-production houses.
Hula Post
Vice President of Technology Josh Rizzo will moderate the
discussion. Panelists will include Joe Beirne, Chief Technology Officer,
Technicolor –PostWorks, New York; Matthew Schneider, Director of Technology,
Technicolor – PostWorks, New York and Ramy Katrib, CEO and Founder, DigitalFilm
Tree, Los Angeles. The session will be held on Sunday, April 6th
from 9:15 am – 10:15 am at the Las Vegas Convention
Center, Room S222.
Josh Rizzo

Emerging networking and collaboration technologies are not
only changing the “how” of post production for film and television, but also
the “where” and the “who.” This forward-thinking discussion will explore what
workflows might look like in the future when editorial may be distributed
between groups of individuals collaborating independently from offices, homes
or other locations around the country and around the world. 

What:              The 2014 NAB Show’s Technology
Summit on Cinema
Distributive Creativity
Panelists:        Josh
Rizzo, Matthew Schneider, Joe Beirne, Ramy Katrib
When:             Sunday, April 6th
                        9:15 am –
10:15 am
Where:            Las
Vegas Convention Center
About Hula Post Production
For nearly
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