NAB News:  Manios Digital & Film to Debut New and
Upgraded Camera Stabilization Systems from Orbiter

The Orbiter 270 3.0 Stadium
allows camera operators to work in tight spaces in sports venues without
obstructing spectator sightlines; Sharpshooter captures rocket launches and
other aerial action.

BURBANK—Manios Digital & Film,
one of the country’s leading distributors of high quality products for
professional filmmakers, video producers and newsgathering organizations, will
showcase a variety of groundbreaking camera stabilization systems from German
manufacturer Orbiter at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas. Among them will be the Orbiter
270 3.0 Stadium, a compact camera seat designed for sports stadiums and similar
venues, and Orbiter 500 3.0 Spaceshooter, a new, modular, mobile camera seat
designed for capturing rocket launches and other events requiring rock solid
stabilization and high-speed tracking.
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“Orbiter has developed exceptional products that help camera
operators capture great shots while working in difficult locations with ease
and comfort,” says Manios Digital & Film president Steven Manios. “We are
extremely excited to introduce U.S. broadcasters and producers to these
fantastic tools.”
Manios Digital & Film will be showing Orbiter products
at NAB Stand C9539.

Used in sports venues worldwide, Orbiter 270 3.0 Stadium
makes it possible for camera operators to work in tightly constricted spaces in
stadiums and other venues while minimizing impact on sightlines. Camera and
operator occupy an extremely low working position, eliminating the “dead angle”
for nearby spectators. The system facilitates 270° panning; smooth, steady and
noiseless operation; and accommodates all tripod heads.
Based on Orbiter’s innovative Superflat camera seat, the new
Orbiter 500 3.0 Sharpshooter is designed for the tracking, analysis and
recording of rockets and other flying objects. The system consists of a seat
and a telescopic or fixed column that provides camera support. It is capable of
360° panning and 90° tilting while delivering steady shots, steady friction and
noiseless operation. Camera and seat move independently along the same axis.
The system accommodates all heads and can be used with a single camera, or
multiple cameras.
About Manios Digital & Film
A division of Ste-Man, Inc. and led by President Steven
Manios, Jr.,  Manios Digital & Film
has been bringing the world’s highest quality products to professional
filmmakers, videographers and ENG crews in the United States since 1992. The
company has longstanding relationships with leading manufacturers around the
globe and an extensive dealer network spanning the United States. It is an authorized
distributor for Cartoni, PAG, Vocas, Kinotehnik, Orbiter and LockCircle. By working
closely with its customers, and by listening to and understanding their needs,
Manios Digital & Film has become a trusted partner to film and video
professionals worldwide.
Manios Digital & Film 10663 Burbank Blvd., North
Orbiter 270 3.0 Stadium Features
  • 270° panning independent of the seat
  • Very low working position
  • Significantly minimizes line of sight obstructions
  • Steady shots
  • High-grade sealed precision bearing
  • Adjustable friction
  • Continuously adjustable seat
  • Effortless, noiseless easy operation
  • Rigid compact modular upgradable design
  • Low maintenance noncorrosive
  • Accommodates all tripod heads
  • Designed for fix installations
  • 1-year warranty

Orbiter 500 3.0 Sharpshooter Features
  • 360° panning independent of the seat
  • 90° tilting
  • Steady shots
  • High grade sealed precision bearing
  • Steady friction
  • Central cable feeding through center column
  • Center column fix or adjustable
  • Continuously adjustable seat
  • Effortless noiseless easy operation and transport
  • Rigid compact modular upgradable design
  • Easily assembled and levelled
  • Low maintenance noncorrosive
  • All tripod heads
  • 1 year warranty

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