Post facilities to
work cooperatively to deliver digital supply chain and traditional post
services to clients nationwide.

BURBANK—2G Digital, a Burbank post production
facility specializing in digital supply chain services, and DuArt, a New York
facility offering comprehensive post production services for video, digital
media and film, have entered into a strategic partnership that will allow both
companies to expand their geographic reach and add new services.
Stephen Buchsbaum
Under the agreement, the two companies will work
cooperatively to service each other’s clients. 2G Digital clients on the East
Coast will now be able to deliver media to DuArt for encoding and distribution
to VOD/EST portals such as iTunes, Amazon and Netflix. DuArt, meanwhile, will
now be able to provide file-based delivery services to its clients with 2G
Digital acting as its fulfillment arm. Additionally, 2G Digital clients will
gain access to a variety of other post production services offered by DuArt,
including editorial, color correction and audio. The companies have established
a direct, dedicated, high speed data link that will facilitate the transfer of
media between their two facilities.

“It’s a logical fit,” says DuArt VP of Operations Joe Monge.
“Both companies gain a national presence and both can now provide services that
they did not previously offer. Digital fulfillment is a service our clients
increasingly need and this agreement allows us to meet that need with trusted
partners who are experts in the field. 2G benefits by being able to service its
New York accounts more efficiently, and through access to the sound, grading
and finishing services that we specialize in.”
Joe Monge
The agreement reflects an evolving post production industry
that is increasingly national and international in scope, and one where
delivery schedules are tightening. “We deliver content to iTunes, Google,
Netflix, Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation and many other portals where turnaround time
is critical,” observes 2G Digital COO Stephen Buchsbaum. “Having an outpost on
the East Coast will make things quicker and more efficient for our clients
One of the industry’s oldest and most successful independent
providers of post-production services, DuArt has grown and diversified
considerably in recent years. Its facility on West 55th Street in
Manhattan features a total of 77 production offices, edit bays and audio
production rooms. Its state-of-the-art DI color grading theatre has been
upgraded with Barco’s newest  4K projector. The company plans to add
another 21 edit bays by summer.
“DuArt has always aspired to be an all-in-one house,”
observes Monge. “We want to be sure that when a client comes here with a
project, we can deliver 99-percent of what they require. That made our decision
to partner with 2G an easy one.”
2G Digital, too, has been operating in an expansion mode.
It’s been beefing up its resources for mastering, transcoding, encoding and delivery,
while implementing improvements in automated, high capacity workflows. “This is
just the beginning for 2G,” says Buchsbaum. “We’re moving and growing in a lot
of new ways.”
“We’re excited to team with DuArt,” Buchsbaum adds. “As one
of New York’s oldest facilities, they have strong relationships and a great
reputation—they are the real deal.”
About DuArt:
DuArt is a full service post facility in NYC, servicing the
broadcast and film industries. Operating out of their 12-story building in
midtown Manhattan, DuArt provides video editing, color correct, voice
recording, casting, 3D editing, direction for animation, music scoring, sound
design, film and audio restoration, production space, and more. Since being
established in 1922, DuArt has finished thousands of the world’s most loved
feature films, documentaries, festival releases and television
For more information, visit 
About 2G Digital Post:
2G Digital Post, Burbank, is a full-service post production
and distribution facility serving media and entertainment clients with next-generation
all-fiber technology and attentive customer service.
For more information, visit
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