CHICAGO—Matt Egan has directed Nashville star Hayden Panettiere in a new ad for Belk that is part of the
fashion brand’s “Modern. Southern. Music.” campaign. Filmworkers provided post production
services for the glamorous commercial, produced by Coin-Operated Films, which captures the
actress arriving on location at the newly-renovated Country Music Hall of Fame
for an evening shoot.
The spot evokes the Southern lifestyle and Nashville’s
connection to country music, new and old, with plenty of panache. Egan took
advantage of the ebullient architecture that has recently sprung up in the
city’s downtown, including the sprawling Music City Center, to create
spectacular nighttime vistas. “We wanted to
capitalize on Hayden’s star power through a day-in-the-life story that has a
dreamlike feel,” says Egan.

The dreamlike quality is accentuated by the fluid
cinematography of DP Vance Burberry, subtle slow motion effects (that draw
attention to elements of Panettiere’s wardrobe), a pulsating editorial rhythm
and an upbeat score. A heart-shaped graphic recurs throughout the spot to
underscore Panettiere’s love for the Belk brand.
Egan relished the opportunity to direct Panettiere, who
recently earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role in Nashville. “She’s a total pro and a great collaborator,” he says.
“The camera loves her; the hardest part of the job was deciding which were our
favorite takes.”

Egan supervised editorial, performed by Coin-Operated Films’
Charles Newberry, and final post work completed at Filmworkers. Senior Colorist
Fred Keller used a Baselight color grading system to polish the final look.
“For Belk, we like to pump the color and create a warm feel with rich skin
tones,” explains Keller. “The images in this spot are especially deep and dramatic,
and we emphasized that with lots of contrast. When Hayden walks out on stage,
it really pops.”
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Chicago, IL 60611. For more information, call (312) 664-9333 or visit

TITLE:                    Belk Most Wanted
CLIENT:                 Belk
PRODUCTION:   Coin Operated Films. Matt Egan, Director
(Filmworkers); Jon Singer, Executive Producer; Vance Burberry, Director of
EDITORIAL:         Coin Operated Films. Charles Newberry
POST:                    Filmworkers. Fred Keller,
Colorist; Justin Winkler, Finishing Editor; Todd Freese, Post Production
Supervisor; Lisa Long, Executive Producer; Derek de Board, Senior Producer.
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