in time for the summer barbeque season, Bob Ackerman, partner and editor at The Colonie, has finished a new campaign
for Hebrew National.
Two spots, directed by Backyard Films’ Kevin S. Smith, show
just how far some people are willing to go when they learn that their hot dogs
don’t measure up to the famous kosher brand. Charred
opens with two couples tending batches of franks on a backyard grill. One
couple is preparing Hebrew National hot dogs, the other a generic “all beef”
product. When the generic couple learns about the high quality ingredients
employed by Hebrew National, they take drastic steps to satisfy their burning
desire for the superior franks.


Tailgate employs a
similarly unexpected twist. Two couples grilling hot dogs outside a sports
stadium chat about the great taste of Hebrew National. That prompts a man to
find a unique way to dispose of his inferior dogs.
Ackerman says that it was a treat to work with a director of
Smith’s caliber. “I’ve long admired Kevin’s Smith’s work but this was the first
time I was able to cut for him,” he observes. “Having someone with Kevin’s
instincts at the helm always sets the stage for a great piece of advertising.”
A former actor himself, Ackerman loves editing good
performance, especially comedy. “The casting was fantastic,” he says. “Being
from Chicago, I appreciate good improvisational skills from actors. Across the
board this was A-level talent. Even though there was a fair amount of product
dialogue everyone involved knew the gag and that made the spots special. They
all deserve a nod for fighting for the funny.”


Title: Charred, Tailgate
Client: Hebrew National
Production: Backyard Films. Director, Kevin S. Smith.
Editorial: The Colonie. Editor, Bob Ackerman.
Assistant Editor, Graham Chapman.
Finish: The Colonie. Flame Artist, Tom
Optimus. Colorist, Oscar Oboza.
Mix:   Audio
Producer’s Group. Audio, Peter Erazmus.
The Colonie,
Represented by Sonia Blum and Hillary Herbst at Hilly Reps,
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