Groundbreaking iPhone app, which is receiving rave
industry reviews, goes one step further by enabling users to access media files
instantly, from anywhere at any time.

Laguna Niguel, Calif.—Simian, the
global leader in creative workflow and evolutionary media management solutions,
has released the latest version of its groundbreaking iPhone app, Simian Go!,
that makes it even easier for users to manage media assets while on the move.
Users can now access any file in their media library through their iPhone or
iOS 7 device and share them instantly with others using Apple’s streaming
protocol Airplay. Simian Go! is available as a free download through Apple’s App Store.
Simian released Simian Go! last fall to address the needs of
an industry that is increasingly reliant on smartphones and tablets to conduct
business on the go. The app has been widely embraced by Simian users and drawn
effusive praise for its ability to improve productivity, reduce costs, enhance
communications and increase sales.

“Simian Go! is a great sales tool!” says Patrick Knight,
post producer, Aero Film. “It allows us to send reels from anywhere at any
time. It makes working on the go a possibility and that’s great as our team is
constantly traveling.”

Simian Go! users have instant access to their media
libraries even when out of the country. “It gives us the ability to work
wherever we happen to be, from a soundstage in Los Angeles to a city in Spain
or a village in Brazil,” notes Cortez Brothers Media Manager Jason Durdon. “We
have embraced Simian Go! and have already seen significant improvement in our
response time with clients.”
The latest version of Simian Go! Includes a number of
powerful new features. Users can browse their complete media libraries without
having to create a reel and download files to their iPhones for offline
viewing. In addition, media files can be sent to other IOS devices using
Airdrop. Stored reels can now be deleted and sent reels expired and Simian
Go!’s search function now includes a “Sort By” option that can be used to sort
media by title, brand/client and newest/oldest.  “Simian Go! puts the
power of Simian’s complete browser-based functionality in the palm of your
hand!” says Simian’s Brian Atton.

About Simian:
Simian™ takes the business of managing digital media to the
next level with an ever-evolving workflow and ideation platform designed by
industry leaders for industry leaders. Simian’s streamlined, yet highly
flexible platform continually sets the industry standard for online media
sharing and workflow solutions for creative companies.
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