Veteran director of
photography employs the new low-cost, high resolution monitor on projects for
the Golf Channel and Ford.

BURBANK— Manios Digital & Film’s  Manios MD7 is a lightweight, 7-inch LED 1080p
field monitor that combines an economical price—List is $440—with a feature set
comparable to, and in some cases exceeding, monitors costing several times
more. Introduced at NAB 2014, the device attracted considerable attention from
users of DSLRs and other small cameras, and earned a spot in many “Best of…”
lists from the show.

Among the first pros to test drive the MD7 was Curt Pair, a
Phoenix-based Director of Photography and principal of Picture This
Productions. Pair, whose credits range from news and documentaries to
commercials, corporate media and music videos, conducted camera tests with the
monitor at an air show in March. Since then, he’s used it on a pair of
real-world assignments: a segment for the Golf Channel series In Play with Jimmy Rogers and a commercial for Ford, all with superb
As a trial run, Pair shot the famous U.S. Air Force
Thunderbirds squadron at an air show at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. His aim was to
see how the device performed as a viewfinder and for focus assist when paired
with a Canon 5D and similar DSLR cameras, and to test various battery configurations.
Pointing to MD7’s size—it’s less than an inch thick and
weighs just 12.7 ounces, Pair calls the monitor ideal for DSLR use. “It works
exceptionally well with the 5D due to its connection types,” he says, adding
that he was also impressed with such built-in features as a safety marker,
check field, freeze input, peaking, a histogram for exposure. “For the price,
most people will be surprised by the features. They thought of everything.”
For Golf Channel’s In
Play with Jimmy Rogers
, Pair used MD7 with both Canon 5D and Red Epic
cameras while capturing a multi-part feature on transgender golfer Bobbi
Lancaster. He shot interior and exterior interviews with host Jimmy Rogers,
Lancaster, her family members and other golfers, as well as exteriors of golf
tournament play, all in the Phoenix
When using a field monitor outdoors, notes Pair, glare and
reflection can be a problem. He points out that a foldable sunshade is
available for the MD7 to minimize those issues. “When using the sunshade to mask
unwanted light, the visibility of the monitor is quite remarkable,” he
observes. “You can see reflections in the monitor, but I have the same issues
with monitors costing five to seven times as much.”

Pair’s Ford shoot involved a Spanish-language commercial
featuring actor Cristián de la Fuente, star of such popular series as Valiant Love and Quiero Amarte. The production included a lot of fast
action with de la Fuente jumping in and out of cars and MD7 provided simple and
flexible means for ad agency and client personnel to monitor the shoot. “We
needed something light and fast,” Pair recalls. “Clients were able to watch
over my shoulder—it worked great.”
That kind of
versatility coupled with MD7’s rich feature set, sharp picture quality and
light profile make it a welcome addition to his toolkit. “It’s quite an amazing
value,” he concludes. “Typically the feature set on this monitor would be
reserved for monitors costing at least twice as much, if not several times as
much money. If you’re in the market for a new monitor or need an additional,
lightweight monitor, check out the Manios Digital MD7.”
Curt Pair’s complete
review of Manios Digital & Film’s MD7 Field Monitor can be seen here.
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