People seek help with life’s
challenges from courteous call center employees
Call center workers dispense advice on moving, storage and some of
life’s most ticklish problems in a clever new campaign directed by STORY’s Jeff
France for PODS and The Richards Group.
Each of four new spots features a telephone exchange between
a PODS call center rep and a potential customer. In Don’t Like, a man describes a litany of things he dreads about an
upcoming move, including “housework,” “feeling rushed,” “people pestering me,”
and “talking.” The friendly PODS agent responds with advice on how the company
can help him avoid these problems. She’s momentarily speechless, however, when
he says the job for which he’s relocating is “marriage counselor.”

The other spots probe similarly funny scenarios: a young mom who has two
weeks to move and doesn’t know what to do with her rambunctious children; a
woman whose good-for-nothing brother-in-law is about to invade her study; and a
comparison shopper with boxes of outdated clothes she may never want to see
“The scripts nimbly present the diversity of services PODS offers in fun
and engaging ways,” says France. “Each scenario centers on a person with a
familiar need who is immediately calmed and helped by a PODS employee.
Strategically, they’re brilliant.”
France directed the spots with a light touch. The performances he
elicited from his cast are spontaneous, empathic and real. “We kept it simple
and true to life,” he says. “Most people have had the experience of having a
relative move in with them, or of needing to move in a hurry. That’s why these
stories are so compelling.”
France says that he knew the campaign was a winner from the moment he
saw the storyboards. “I was blessed to be working with a great agency and great
scripts,” he concludes. “My job was to get on the wave and enjoy the ride.”
represented on the East Coast by SuperPowers (646) 633-4578; in the Midwest by
Dawn Ratcliffe (312) 491-9194, in the Southeast by Miller + Associates, (954)
563-6004; in the Southwest by Gossip!, (214) 288-2813 and on the West Coast by
Sherry Howell, (213) 999-9879.
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Client: PODS
Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas. Jeff Hopfer, art director; David Eastman, writer; Bridget Fontenot and Dan Calhoun, producer; Derek Darst, brand management; Sara Sax, business manager.
Production: STORY. Jeff France, director; Mark Androw and Cliff Grant, executive producers; Merilee Newman, producer; David Watson, production manager; Erik Martin, production coordinator.
Edit: Charlie Uniform Tango, Dallas. Justin Wilson editor; Jeff Elmore, producer; Rodney Demeglio, assistant editor.
Post: ReelFX, Dallas. Kurt Kirchner, producer.
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