Simplified user
interface, streamlined Reel Builder, improved analytics, searchable Microsites
and much more make Simian 3.0 the most comprehensive, easiest-to-use digital
asset management platform available.

Laguna Niguel,
Simian, the global leader in creative media
management solutions, today announces the release of a new version of its
groundbreaking media-sharing platform that perpetuates its legacy as the
innovation leader, when it comes to helping creative companies work smarter.
Simian 3.0 includes an all-new, highly intuitive user
interface that makes it faster and easier than ever to build reels, manage
projects, direct sales and marketing campaigns, and track client engagement.
The new UI is not only highly customizable, it delivers a seamless, consistent
experience across applications allowing users to conduct multiple and complex
tasks with ease.

Additionally, Simian 3.0 includes an enhanced Reel Builder
that ramps up performance and streamlines the process of creating, customizing,
distributing and tracking branded presentations and packages. Improvements have
also been made to Simian’s industry-leading Real-Time Analytics™, which has
been proven to increase sales.
Simian 3.0 is the first new full version of the product in
three years. “We’ve incorporated a number of innovative technologies that have
appeared since 2011,” says Simian partner/CTO Jay Brooks. “We’ve also addressed
the tremendous feedback we’ve received from our users to produce the most
powerful, most comprehensive creative workflow platform of its type on the
market.” Simian 3.0 is available as a free upgrade to current users now.
Other new and/or improved features include:
  • Integrated Inline Help
  • Redesigned Dashboard With
    Selectable Views
  • Improved System Stats
  • Redesigned Contact
  • Inline Editing
  • Streaming Video Player for
    Long Form Content
  • Updated Project Video
    Player with Annotation
  • Updated Microsite Manager
    with Searchable Microsites

Simian has a long history for developing innovative products
that help creative companies succeed. Its Real-Time Analytics™ includes the
industry’s most powerful tools for measuring the effectiveness of sales
campaigns. Simian Go!, its groundbreaking smartphone app, enables busy
professionals to build and send reels anytime and anywhere.
Even as it rolls out version 3.0, Simian is hard at work on
further advances. Forthcoming features will transform Simian into an
all-inclusive solution deigned to manage virtually every aspect of their
clients’ ever-changing businesses.
“We’re committed to rolling out new enhancements that
continually raise the bar,” says Simian partner/COO Brian Atton. “Simian 3.0
represents a significant milestone, but there is much more to come.”
About Simian:
Simian™ takes the business of managing digital media to the
next level with an innovative, ever-evolving platform designed by industry
leaders for industry leaders. Simian’s streamlined, yet highly flexible
solutions have set the industry standard for online media sharing and presentation
solutions for creative companies.
For more information:
Simian 3.0 What’s New
System Enhancements
  • Redesigned Interface
    Design with Customizable User Interface Elements
  • Improved Speed and
  • Upgraded System
  • Integrated Inline Help
Contact/Address Book
  • Streamlined Interface
  • Inline Contact Editing
  • Improved Mail Merge
  • New Activity Feature
  • Redesigned Projects
    Overview Screen
  • Updated Video Player
    with Drawing Tools (annotate video and images on screen)
  • Drag & Drop Project
  • Easier Project
  • Larger Thumbnails /
  • Batch Tagging
  • Updated Project Activity
  • Streaming Video Player
    for Long Form Content
  • Redesigned Microsite
  • Searchable Microsites
  • Updated WYSIWYG Editor
  • Enhanced Color Picker
    for Customizing Presentations
  • New Searchable /
    Responsive Microsite Template
  • Enhanced Reel Creator
  • Simplified Reel
  • Simplified Build/Edit Packaged
  • Larger Thumbnail
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