HOLLYWOOD— Hula Post Production provided
equipment, facilities and support to the editorial team from Nightcrawler, the new thriller from
director Dan Gilroy and Open Road Films. Services supplied to editor John
Gilroy and his crew included Avid DX editing systems, Avid Unity storage ,
editorial suites on Los Angeles’ Westside, and round-the-clock technical
support for a post production schedule spanning eight months.

Produced by Bold Film, Nightcrawler
is the story of a man (Jake Gyllenhaal) who becomes embroiled in the L.A.
crime scene while working as a freelance journalist. The film also stars Renee
Russo, Bill Paxton and Riz Ahmed.

John Gilroy, whose previous credits include Pacific Rim, Warrior, Salt and Michael Clayton and who is the twin
brother of director Dan Gilroy¸ describes
Nightcrawler as a dark, anxious,
riveting story that required a taut, aggressive style of editing.  “I approached it the way I do any film,” he
says. “I tune into the director and the script and find the best movie I can. Danny’s
film required controlled chaos. It was fun.”
Gilroy takes particular satisfaction in a montage sequence in
which Gyllenhaal’s character, Lou, records a home invasion burglary and then
sells the footage to a television news producer played by Russo. “There is a
lot going on in that scene,” Gilroy recalls. “There is the invasion footage
itself, the people in the control room, and Lou watching it all. It captures
the complexity of the situation. I’m really happy with that scene.”
Gilroy was also pleased with his experience at Hula. “It was
an incredibly comfortable, secure environment,” he says. “The people were very
helpful in setting us up and accommodating our needs. Whatever we needed, we
got. It was fun to go to work every day.”
Gilroy’s crew included assistant editor Kevin Hickman, music
editor Nick Ratner and production assistant Samara Kelly.  

About Hula Post Production
For nearly
20 years, Hula Post has provided exceptional equipment rental services to
the post production and broadcast communities. With offices in Burbank and West
Los Angeles, we are the industry leader in customized workflow solutions. We
offer a large inventory of editorial and finishing systems, storage solutions,
and support gear, and we back it up with the most experienced and knowledgeable
support team in the industry. Whether you need a single system or a complex,
customized workflow to take you from production through post, we can provide
you with the tools to meet your technical requirements, budget and production
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