Rapidly growing visual
effects studio is currently servicing nearly three dozen television shows and
feature films including “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, “American Horror
Story” and “The Blacklist”
which provides visual effects services for television, features and
commercials, the former including Marvel’s
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
and American
Horror Story
¸ has opened full-scale production facilities in New York and
FuseFX, New York, is currently producing visual effects for
the hit NBC series The Blacklist as
well as POWERS, a drama set to debut
in January on the new Sony PlayStation network. Located in the heart of the
city’s media district in Soho, the 3300 square foot production complex is
designed to accommodate a staff of more than 30 artists. FuseFX, British
Columbia, located in Vancouver’s Yaletown section, is currently servicing Backstrom for Fox and The Returned for A&E. It can
accommodate 20 or more artists. Capabilities at both facilities include 2D and
3D visual effects, 3D animation, compositing, finishing, matte painting,
cosmetic enhancement and pre-visualization.
Jason Fotter, David Altenau, Tim Jacobsen

Founded in 2006 by Visual Effects Supervisor David Altenau,
FuseFX has been growing on a fast arc. Its headquarters facility, which
occupies three buildings in Burbank, has a staff of nearly 100 artists,
supervisors and producers, and is currently providing visual effects services
for 26 television shows and several features. “We’ve grown every year, but
recently the curve has accelerated,” Altenau said. “We’ve been considering
expansion and were presented with unique opportunities to enter the New York
and Vancouver markets with some really great shows.”
The company has hired Greg Anderson to lead its New York
operations as Senior Visual Effects Supervisor and Head of Production. Anderson’s
background includes senior visual effects roles with 1stAveMachine, Ring of
Fire and Sony Pictures Imageworks, and credits including Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Spider-Man 2 and The Day
After Tomorrow
.   He is complemented
by Ariel Altman and Dave Reynolds as Composite Supervisors, and Joe Gunn as CG
Supervisor in the New York office.
FuseFX, New York
FuseFX, British Columbia, is led by Visual Effects
Supervisor and Producer Mike Leeming. His previous postings include VFX houses Zoic
Studios and Stargate Studios, and freelance roles on major studio
shows. He most recently served as on-set Visual Effects Supervisor for the
Fox Television series Witches of East End.  Leeming has
the experience to creatively drive VFX design and supervise on set,
and also works as lead producer for Vancouver-based work.
FuseFX, which along with Altenau is led by co-founders Tim Jacobsen
and Jason Fotter, has been successful at a challenging time in the visual
effects industry by focusing on quality and long-term, stable growth. “Our aim
is to produce great visual effects and to be responsive to the needs of our
clients,” Altenau explains. “We made the decision early on that we weren’t
going to chase rebates but were going to work better and smarter.”
Altenau adds that FuseFX has developed a proprietary
production pipeline and shot management system that enables it to deliver
“feature quality” results on a television schedule. The new facilities are
designed to leverage this unique pipeline and are staffed by high-level
personnel so that projects can be managed independently while drawing on the
support of the full organization when needed.
The company has also been careful in hiring talent,
according Tim Jacobsen, who serves as Executive Producer. “We hire people with
experience, people who have worked in the industry for a while,” he said, “and
we hire them with a long-term horizon.”
“We’re also different in that all three of the company’s
founders are involved hands on in the work,” Jacobsen adds. “When staff people
have ideas on how to make the company work better, they have direct access to
all three of us.”
FuseFX, Vancouver
The current growth in television production is creating new
demand for visual effects services, Altenau points out, but that’s not
something FuseFX takes for granted. “We do not treat visual effects as a
commodity,” he says. “We respect how difficult it is to do it well and to do it
consistently over time. It requires a strong foundation and hard work. That’s
the approach we have taken and our clients have responded.”
About FuseFX
FuseFX is a full-service visual effects studio serving the
television, feature film and advertising industries from facilities in Burbank,
New York and Vancouver. Founded in 2006 by David Altenau, the company
encompasses a staff of more than 100 highly talented and experienced artists,
producers and support personnel. Featuring a refined pipeline, the company can
support more than numerous productions while delivering exceptional, on-time
For more information, visit http://fusefx.com/
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