CHICAGO—STORY director Blair Hayes encourages weekend travelers to
“connect,” “stroll,” “smile,” “cheer” and “celebrate” in an upbeat new campaign
for Hilton Garden Inn and California agency DGWB.
The 15- and 30-second television spots portray the upscale
hotels as a great venue for people seeking to getaway, take in the local sites
and have fun. Couples and friends are shown relaxing, dining, shopping, sharing
a glass of wine and partying in a club. Superimposed graphics underscore the
mood. “We staged scenes ranging from sorority sisters enjoying their 15th
reunion to a middle aged couple on a romantic weekend,” says Hayes. “It’s
experiential, a slightly heightened reality.”

The follow-ups to an earlier flight of ads highlighting the
amenities Hilton Garden Inn offers to business travelers, the new spots promote
the chain as a destination for adults seeking a weekend getaway. “Hilton Garden
Inns are located in places that offer a lot of things that adults enjoy,”
explains DGWB executive creative director Jon Gothold. “And Blair captured that
in a really nice way. It’s believable. We have people going on shopping trips
and out to dinner; young women getting together. It resonates. It feels
authentic. And it’s working! Weekend business at the hotels is up.”

Hayes shot the campaign in and around a Hilton Garden Inn in
Del Mar, California. Gothold says that the director’s careful preparation
allowed him to shoot the boards—and a lot more—so much so that the originally
planned 15-second spots were extended to 30-second versions. “He promised to
over-shoot the board and he did it without running overtime,” Gothold recalls.
“He’d sometimes pick up a camera himself and grab shots. He’s a very hands-on
A highlight of the production was a concert scene shot at a
local club with a live band. The improvised scene had a party atmosphere. “We
used all of our extras and everyone was dancing and grooving,” Gothold says.
Hayes says that there were a lot of natural shooting
locations at the Hilton Garden Inn and its environs, and that made for a very
efficient production. “We had a lot of fun shooting in San Diego County,” he
observes. “I was impressed with the hotel and its employees…and the food was
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Client:           Hilton Garden Inn. Judy Christa-Cathey, Vice President Global
Brand Marketing; Jason Hill, Brand Marketing Manager.
Agency:         DGWB. Jon Gothold, Partner/Executive Creative Director/AD;
Courtney Betley, Associate Creative Director/CW; Amy Krause, Executive
Producer; Aron Orton, Editor; Brandt Weisman, Motion Graphics; Johanna Curgus, Group
Account Director
Production:    STORY. Blair Hayes, Director; Mark Androw and Cliff Grant,
Executive Producers; MaryAnn Dezulskis, Producer.
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