LOS ANGELES—Director Jim Sonzero joins
forces with SuperPowers NYC for representation in New York and the East Coast.
SuperPowers NYC’s Angelina Powers and KC Gulino’s focus will
be on new East Coast advertising projects in fashion and beauty, where Sonzero
has gained international acclaim, and other genres and product categories,
including lifestyle, comedy and automotive.
Jim Sonzero

“Jim is a rock star,” says Powers. “His strengths in the
beauty world and in working with celebrities are well known. What agencies may
not know is how well rounded he is as a director. Comedy, storytelling,
automotive, visual effects…he can do it all.”
Powers launched her career as an independent sales
representative for advertising talent in 2011. Gulino joined her in 2013 when
they took the name SuperPowers NYC. The company has quickly assembled an
impressive roster of production and post production clients, and established
strong ties throughout the East Coast advertising community.
Angelina Powers and KC Gulino
Celebrity Director Jim Sonzero has worked for many of the world’s
top fashion and beauty brands on assignments across North America, Europe and
Asia. Recent projects include U.S. and international campaigns for L’Oreal,
Herbal Essences, Neutrogena and Maybelline. His credits outside the realm of fashion
and beauty include such diverse brands as Bacardi, Stella Artois, Coca-Cola, GMC,
Mercedes Benz and Verizon. He has also enjoyed success in the gaming world, directing
acclaimed cinematics for Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 and Guerrilla Games’ Killzone

Show reels and contact information can be found at www.sonzerofilms.com
For more information, call 213.631.0552.
SuperPowers NYC can be reached at 646.633.4578
or www.SuperPowersNYC.com
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