Internet video series shoots 30
episodes before a live audience at historic lot.

Hollywood—Hollywood Center Studios hosts MTV’s hit comedy series Ridiculousness, which  recently completed shooting
its fifth and sixth seasons. The show, in which host Rob Drydek presents the
most hysterical and absurd videos found on the internet, is shot
multi-camera-style on Stage Nine at Hollywood Center Studios before a live
Season six, which is airing now, features an incredible
line-up of special guests, including rapper phenom Future, R&B singer/songwriter
Ne-Yo and internet video super-team Smosh, and introduces new categories like
“Power Kiss”, “Everyday Demons”, “Human Glitches” and “Magnet Feet.” 

Hollywood Center Studios supplies the show with a stage, an
HD control room, HD camera systems, lighting, make-up and costume rooms, a
green room, parking and other facilities. Production for seasons five and six was
completed in three two-week sessions with two episodes produced in each shoot
day. “We have a demanding and unusual production schedule,” says Supervising
Producer Josh Green. “We shoot ten episodes in two weeks. It could be
stressful, but Hollywood Center Studios’ one-stop-shopping makes it easy. When
we come in, everything is there.”
These shoots can be unpredictable since much of what happens
on the show is spontaneous and unrehearsed. One episode featured an appearance
by Floyd Mayweather Jr. When Drydek challenged the boxer about his reputation
for traveling with a million dollars in cash, Mayweather promptly emptied a
Gucci bag containing the cash on the stage floor.
Recalling the episode, Green notes that he appreciates the
security that comes with shooting on a gated lot. The iconic studio also
provides easy access for celebrity guests, hassle free audience management and
a cool vibe. “They always accommodate us,” Green says. “We’re happy to be
About Hollywood Center Studios
Hollywood Center
Studios has a rich and colorful history that mirrors the development of
Hollywood and the growth of the entertainment industry.  The studio has
played host to some of the most notable productions of the past century,
including such iconic television shows as I Love Lucy, The Addams Family,
Jeopardy, Rockford Files
and Mad TV, and classic film productions
such as When Harry Met Sally and The Player. In recent years, Hollywood
Center Studios has continued to grow and modernize to support its large
television clientele which includes Disney, NBC, Comedy Central and MTV.  Hollywood Center
Studios remains a vital part of the Hollywood community and a place where
entertainment history continues to be made every day.
Hollywood Center Studios is located at 1040 N. Las Palmas
Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90038. For more information, call (323)
860-0000 or visit
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