ANGELES— Celebrity Director Jim Sonzero of Sonzero Films has joined forces
with Andrew Hall Management for representation on the West Coast. Sonzero has
earned an international reputation in many genres; he is known for his superb
visual craftsmanship, technical execution and storytelling skills.
“Jim has a fantastic eye, evident in
his attention to detail, the way he frames a shot and his use of light,” Hall
says. “He’s also a great problem solver. He brings a lot to the table—which is
extremely valuable in today’s advertising environment—with his flexibility,
creativity and technical expertise.”

Sonzero Film’s Executive Producer
Chris Crawford agrees, “Jim’s broad experience across all genres from beauty,
lifestyle and automotive to gaming are what make him a terrific problem solver.
He is optimistic, super creative and collaborative – best of all he shares tons
of positive energy at work because he loves his job.”
Andrew Hall sees great opportunities
to broaden Sonzero’s ties to West Coast advertising agencies. He notes that,
while the director works frequently with top agencies in New York, London,
Paris and other markets across Europe and Asia, West Coast agencies are less
familiar with the scope of his work. “Jim’s been on my radar for years,” Hall
said. “Getting to work with such a fantastically talented director and to help
enhance his career will be very rewarding.”
Acclaimed for his work
as a Celebrity Director, Sonzero has directed projects for brands such as
L’Oréal, Neutrogena, Maybelline and Herbal Essences featuring some of the
world’s biggest celebrities (Kerry Washington, Hayden Panettiere, Beyonce
Knowles, Milla Jovovich and Jennifer Garner). Other notable work includes
automotive advertising (Mercedes, GMC, Jaguar), comedy (Stella Artois, Nivea, J
Crew), and visual effects (Lovol, H&R Block). Defying description, Sonzero
continues to evolve as a mega-talent adding skill sets to his repertoire like
directing cinematics for Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 and Guerrilla Games’ Killzone
Show reels and contact information can be found at www.sonzerofilms.com
For more information, call 213.631.0552.
Andrew Hall
can be reached at (310) 452 5000 or andrew@andrewhallreps.com  
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