British Columbia –Guillaume Aubuchon demonstrated the power of cloud based
workflows during the OpenStack keynote today. With partners HP Heilion and Blue
Box Cloud, DigitalFilm Tree demonstrated how cloud based workflows generate
significant production efficiencies in Hollywood’s new era of mobile
production. Guillaume, CTO of DigitalFilm Tree noted, “Now that the world is the stage for virtually every major production in
Hollywood, the cloud is essential to knit together the entire production team
in real time.” 
DigitalFilm Tree (DFT) is a leading edge post-production and
software company. Their work in Hollywood offers proof to the OpenStack
community that the cloud is ideal for scaling-up short-term media storage on a
massive scale, while offering significant cost and time saving benefits to
non-entertainment organizations.
In groundbreaking live demonstration of federated identity,
video shot by Guillaume on a Sony 4K camera this morning was uploaded to the
cloud. The file was accessed instantly by the team at DFT’s post production
facility in Los Angeles, edited, colored and readied for streaming at the close
of the keynote, all in about 15 minutes. 

ProStack and Critique were developed for the entertainment
industry as an integrated element to DigitalFilm Tree’s work on hit TV shows
and major theatrical releases. ProStack does the heavy lifting while Critique
is the elegant collaboration software. These two products are offered together
as scalable, secure software as a service to the entire OpenStack user
community to manage any number of videos in the cloud.
Ramy Katrib, CEO of DigitalFilm Tree stated, “We want the OpenStack community to think
about the volume of video being generated within their organizations, by every
department and in every worldwide office, and how it is rapidly becoming a
challenge. Video is big data and
burdens storage systems. But video is also an asset; it is the most effective
tool for an enterprise to tell its story to a multitude of stakeholders.
Effective management of that asset can generate countless benefits.” 
Streamlined cloud based workflows are the foundation of the
file based revolution in the entertainment industry. A single show saved
thousands of dollars a week in post, which was really a function of cutting out
wasted time at virtually every step of the process. Cloud based workflows allow
access by multiple, authorized team members in real time.  “Perhaps
the biggest loser in this process is the overnight courier,” noted
Guillaume who also sent his video file via overnight delivery, through customs,
as comparison to instant cloud access. 
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About DigitalFilm Tree
DigitalFilm Tree (DFT), since its inception in 2000, has been a leading agent of innovation in the media and entertainment industry. They are a high-tech post-production, software and process consulting company. DFT is where creativity and technology combine for post-production excellence. They are agile, seamlessly adapting and deploying the newest technology to serve their creative clients in television, motion picture, start-ups and corporations
DFT created ProStack and Critique software as a direct response to our client’s needs. Their award winning software expands their post-production process innovations to anyone, anywhere.
DigitalFilm Tree blows things up on Screen & Behind the scenes.
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