Cloud collaboration
platform honored as among the best of production and post-production technology
introduced during 2014.

LOS ANGELES—DigitalFilm Tree’s cloud-based
review and approval platform Critique™
was honored with a coveted StudioDaily Prime Award at the recent National
Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB) in Las Vegas. In recognizing it in
its Post Production Software category, StudioDaily praised Critique as
“incredibly powerful, elegant and useful” and added “the product is a home

Employed by  popular
television shows like The Simpsons and
Modern Family,  Critique helps production teams work more
efficiently and cut costs by providing instant access to media files, metadata
and other production assets. Users can review, share and make comments on media
files from any location on any device. Uniquely, Critique allows unlimited
users with no bandwidth restrictions. Cloud storage, with enterprise level
security, is available for a fixed monthly or annual fee.

Critique has distinguished itself by combining powerful
tools with a streamlined interface. DigitalFilm Tree founder Ramy Katrib notes
that the product was designed to support the way production teams work today.
“Critique was built from mobile up; it’s not a repurposed web platform,” he says.
“As a result, it provides a superior experience for users with smartphones and

Katrib adds that showrunners can use Critique to conduct all
of their creative interactions with their production teams through their
phones. “There has been an evolutionary change in the way creatives
collaborate,” he explains. “In the past, people collaborated through a web
portal, but today some prefer to do so through their phones which are always
with them.”
Critique, which has recently been enhanced with a new
offline feature and improved media management and search functions, is about to
get even better. This fall, DigitalFilm Tree is launching a new app, Critique
Docs., that will allow users to upload, manage and share a variety of
production-related documents, including calendars, call sheets, camera/sound
reports and scripts. DigitalFilm Tree CTO Guillaume Aubuchon summarizes that
the cloud finally brings together all aspects of production. “Critique and
Critique Docs are intelligent cloud storage systems,” he says. “These
applications define the entire production pipeline through metadata retention and
management. Finally, we are able to carry information from pre-production all
the way through content distribution.”
With cloud storage costs continuing to fall, Katrib sees
Critique users relying on the platform as a long-term storage and archival
resource analogous to a film vault. “We encourage clients to keep their files
forever,” he says. “Cloud storage is very inexpensive.  So instead of using hard drives, LTOs or
tapes, productions can store archival media on the cloud and access them
whenever and wherever they need to.”
About DigitalFilm Tree
DigitalFilm Tree (DFT), since its inception in 2000, has
been a leading agent of innovation in the media and entertainment industry.
They are a high-tech post-production, software and process consulting company.
DFT is where creativity and technology combine for post-production excellence.
They are agile, seamlessly adapting and deploying the newest technology to
serve their creative clients in television, motion picture, start-ups and
DFT created ProStack and Critique software as a direct
response to our client’s needs. Their award winning software expands their
post-production process innovations to anyone, anywhere.
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