CHICAGO— Director/Director
of Photography Rich Michell has joined STORY for national representation in
advertising. A versatile talent, Michell combines storytelling skill with deep
experience in product and tabletop cinematography. His credits include such
diverse brands as 3M/Scotch, General Mills, Target,
Subway, UnitedHealthCare and Wendy’s.
Michell comes to STORY following a long run with Twist,
Minneapolis, a company he co-founded. There, he developed a strong national and
regional client base. He directed more than a dozen commercials for 3M through
Grey, NY, many combining performance, product and humor. One recent spot
features a Post-It note sticky enough to hold a terrier off the ground.
Rich Michell

“The art direction and choreography of each spot is
defined to fit the function and design of the product,” Michell says. “In the
process, we developed a graphic and playful style that highlight the individual
products and create a cohesive design for the variety of 3M brands.”
In a spot for the Minneapolis/St. Paul International
Film Festival, a boy turns his apartment into a make-shift movie theater: he
adjusts a window to provide a “letterbox” view of the apartment of a
quarrelling French couple across the way.
STORY executive producer Mark Androw notes that
Michell’s work exhibits a clean aesthetic, meticulous composition, strong use
of light and color, and elegant camerawork. “Rich is a gifted craftsman,”
Androw says. “His work stands out for its beauty and elegant execution. He also
has a great sense of humor.”
Trained as a fine artist, Michell began his career as a
camera operator and cinematographer. He broke into directing through tabletop
work, but soon expanded into performance-driven storytelling. His work has been
featured in such publications as How, Creativity, Shoot, and AdWeek.
Land of Lakes
In discussing his move to STORY, Michell called it an
opportunity to expand his horizons. “STORY is well represented around the
country,” he says. “That was important to me.” He adds that he is especially
interested in increased access to the Chicago advertising market. “Many of the
best restaurant and packaged goods accounts are based there,” he says.
represented on the East Coast by SuperPowers (646) 633-4578; in the Midwest by Melissa
Thornley (312) 752-5369, in the Southeast by Miller + Associates, (954)
563-6004; in the Southwest by Gossip!, (214) 288-2813 and on the West Coast by Yvette
Lubinsky (310) 827-2626 .
For more information, visit
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