Angeles—Continuing to broaden its roster of
commercial filmmakers, Accomplice
has signed comedy director Ben Whitehouse for exclusive
representation in the United States. The British-born director launched his
career in 2009 and since then has established himself as a master of
character-driven comedy through work for Subway, Amazon, Enterprise, KFC,
Specsavers, Phones 4U and others.
his career as a researcher and treatment writer, Whitehouse collaborated with
many top commercial directors including Traktor, Jonathan Glazer, Tom Hooper
and Ivan Zacharias. This work was international including many U.S. jobs for
shops like Anonymous Content and Smuggler.
Ben Whitehouse

credits these early experiences working with top directors for his ability to
transform concepts into successful ads. “I learnt from the best how to structure
an argument, how to focus on the core idea and how important it is to be brave
and wholeheartedly commit to an approach.”
directing career began through Joy@RSA, a division of RSA films, before joining
Agile in trendy East London who continue to represent him for UK projects. While
versatile, Whitehouse has developed a signature cinematic style combining
elements of visual humor, punchy comedy and character-driven narratives.
latest multi-campaign work for the insurance company Royal London is a classic
example. The British obsession with talking about the weather is brilliantly
observed through unlikely mundane moments in history ranging from Medieval
witch burnings to Napoleonic battlefields.
is a fantastic talent with a great career in front of him,” says Accomplice
Media executive producer Jeff Snyder. “His work is extremely cinematic. His
visual style, conceptual sense and casting are impeccable. We are very excited
to introduce him to U.S. agencies.”
like making good looking, truthful comedy ” says Whitehouse. “The two things I
look for in a script are clarity of concept and strong characters with a
humanity and emotion. For me this is the modern comedy way.”
brand of humor is also distinguished by its high production value. The director
often elects to work with cinematographers, production designers and other crew
with feature film experience in order to invest his work with “big screen”
depth and visual quality.
Ben’s dedication to production value was an important consideration to bring
him on to the roster,” adds Executive Producer Mel Gragido. “He creates an
environment for the actors to play in that really grounds their performances,
which in turn allows the humor in each of his films to spring up naturally.” 
was attracted to Accomplice Media by its track record in helping European
directors break into the U.S. market. “Jeff and Mel have worked around the
world and understand the market that I come from,” he says. “They know how to
work with directors with a British or European sensibility and how to make that
fit the American market.”
more information about Accomplice Media, visit http://www.accomplice-media.com/
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