Affordable on-screen
score system, which now includes onboard OCR, is used by Time Warner Cable Sports,
Edmonton Oilers, MGM Grand and a major collegiate sports network in the Midwest.
WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.—For more than a decade,
The ScoreBox® has been helping local and regional sports
broadcasters put out a product on par with national broadcasters with its
eponymous on-screen score system that combines portability and flexibility with
low cost. Now, the company is enabling users to literally “cut the cord” as the
latest version of The ScoreBox includes a self-contained optical character
recognition (OCR) that allows it to read scores and time clock information
directly from scoreboards without a cable connection.

Such innovative features have made The ScoreBox a popular
choice among sports broadcasters, sports venues, schools and independent
producers across North America, including the Edmonton Oilers, the Kansas City
Wizards, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Hotel. Recent
purchasers include the Staples Center in Los Angeles and a Midwest-based collegiate
sports network that is adding 15 units this summer.
“We’ve been implementing new features and capabilities into
the system since it was first introduced in 2002,” says The ScoreBox CTO Jerry
Zuckerman. “Our system provides smaller producers with many of the features of
custom-built systems used by the networks, but at a fraction of the cost.”
Enhancements built into the system over the years have
increased the ability of users to configure on-screen score boxes to suit
individual needs and made the system applicable to a growing number of sports. Standard
support is provided for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer,
volleyball and wrestling. Other sports can be accommodated upon request. Another
recently added feature made the system compatible with NewTek TriCaster iVGA
streaming as part of a complete, mobile production solution.
The ScoreBox is available either as a portable, all-in-one,
“lunchbox” system or as a rack-mounted device for mobile production. Users
control the DVE display through a simple user interface and can customize it in
a variety of ways, including the addition of team colors and logos. Other
features for boosting production value include “go to break” and “other scores”
functions, and a comparison page and tab function for competing team stats.
The new self-contained OCR feature is an alternate to the
system’s standard scoreboard interface. Instead of a direct cable connection, a
camera is used to “read” scores and time clock information directly off the
scoreboard. Accuracy is up to 1/10th second. “It’s very simple to
set up and use, making it a great convenience for producers,” says Zuckerman.
In keeping with longstanding policy, the new OCR feature is
being offered to current users at no cost. “We’re working on other new features
that will improve the quality of character display,” says Zuckerman. “When that
becomes available, users will be able to add it without having to pay for an
upgrade or buy a whole new system. The ScoreBox is future-proof.”
About The ScoreBox
The ScoreBox® is a portable, self-contained and
highly user configurable on-screen score system.  With a simple but
powerful user interface, The ScoreBox can be configured to display any
look and feel.  ScoreBox supports basketball, baseball, football,
soccer, hockey, volleyball and wrestling. Other sports can be added on
For more
information, call (818) 888-7803 or visit
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