A complete solution for
film and television productions required 24- or 30-frame playback devices.

TORONTO— SIM Digital has brought its industry-leading playback service to
Toronto. The service provides customized 24- and 30-frame video and computer
playback systems and related services to film and television productions.
Playback services are vital to productions that require working computer,
televisions or other display systems. SIM has been offering an array of
playback services through its Vancouver office for more than ten years.
“We saw an opportunity to fill a need in the Toronto market
for an essential production service,” said SIM Digital Playback Department
Manager Max Torroba. “Production in Toronto is growing and many of these new
productions need playback services. We offer a complete solution from an
experienced team focused on exceptional service.” SIM Digital is already
providing playback services to a number of Toronto-based film and television
productions, including Rogue, Beauty and the Beast, Defiance, 11/22/63 and Heroes Reborn.

SIM Digital can provide productions with a variety of
playback monitors from classic CRT-type television sets and computer monitors
to state-of-the-art video wall systems. Playback is available for most devices
at either 24fps or 30fps to conform to production requirements. SIM’s range of
services also includes technical support and graphics production.
SIM Group has hired Peter Bowman to lead playback services
in Toronto as Playback Coordinator. Bowman brings more than 17 years of
experience in the field, most recently as Playback Supervisor at Dazmo Camera,
Toronto. His responsibilities include managing sales, preparing script
breakdowns, and providing service and support to clients throughout production.
Bowman says that for productions seeking playback services,
SIM Digital offers unique advantages. “We can deliver playback as part of an
overall production package that includes cameras, lighting and grip equipment,
and other needs,” he says. “We make it very easy and convenient for producers to
get everything their shows require. Productions also enjoy the confidence of
working with a company they trust.”
About SIM Group:
Backed by Toronto-based investment firm
Granite Partners, the SIM Group is a leading supplier of production equipment,
workflow and post-production solutions, with offices across the US, Canada and
China. Our diverse services can be utilized on any production at any stage. In
Canada, our offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax service grip and lighting
from PS Production Services and can be complemented with SIM Digital
cinematography and playback equipment for any production’s needs.  Bling,
Chainsaw, Pixel Underground, Tattersall Sound and Picture and Post Factory NY provide
an array of services from dailies, to online and offline editing, to final
color/DI and visual effects, to sound editorial and mixing. Bling’s services,
which include a comprehensive workflow solution, are offered at all offices
across the US and Canada, as well as off-site service through POD (Post on
Demand).  Chainsaw’s full-service facility in Hollywood provides creative
editorial and extensive finishing services with some of the top colorists in
the industry. Rounding out the family of companies are Pixel
Underground, a Toronto-based post-production company, and its associated
service, StationEX, which provides physical and file-based media fulfillment
and encoding/distribution services, Tattersall Sound and Picture, a
provider of sound editorial and mixing for motion pictures and television and
Post Factory NY, one of the East Coast’s top independent post-production
facilities. For more information, visit simgroup.com
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