In addition to the
popular FOCUS HD, the new range combines perfect counterbalance, durability and
lightweight for camera packages up to 22kg (
ROME—CARTONI, the gold standard in camera
support for 80 years, is introducing a new range of FOCUS Fluid Heads
specifically designed for today’s smaller, lighter high-performance cameras.
The four new dynamic heads, FOCUS 8, FOCUS 12, FOCUS 18 and FOCUS 22,
accommodate an array of camera, lens and accessory packages from 0 – 22kg (0 –
48.50lbs). Each includes CARTONI’s, patented counterbalance system for superb
performance and each comes with the company’s unsurpassed 5-year warranty.
CARTONI will be introducing the new FOCUS Fluid
Heads at IBC 2015, Hall 11, Stand 11.E30.

Rugged, yet easy to operate, compact FOCUS Fluid Heads
combine extremely lightweight magnesium alloys construction with precision
engineering making them ideal for a range of applications from all news
gathering and documentary shooting to motion picture production and studio
use.  “Camera operators will be inspired
by the smooth fluid feel of our new FOCUS range.”  said CARTONI CEO Elisabetta Cartoni. “The
fluid sensation is one that can only be delivered by a perfect counterbalance
system. The heads are ultra-light, yet, through their simple ergonomic
settings, provide perfect performance every time. You have to feel it to
believe it.”

FOCUS range features:
  • Payloads from 0 to 22kg (48.50lbs): The added capacity allows operators to confidently employ additional accessories from small studio prompters to large ENG kits with on-board lights, monitors and larger batteries.
  • Robust design: FOCUS is built for the rigors of ENG and field operations. The new CARTONI patented counterbalance system allows for a lighter and more compact structure without compromising durability.
  • Perfect counterbalance: All Heads offer ±90o of perfectly balanced ultralight adjustment from 0 to 22kg (48.50lbs). The ability of FOCUS 8 and FOCUS 12 to support payloads less than 2kg (4.4lbs) enables the use of a wide variety of camera/lens/accessory combinations.
  • Euro-style, quick-release plate: The simple, Euro plate on the FOCUS 12, FOCUS 18 and FOCUS 22 enables fast set up and easy balancing. The plate is compatible with all leading tripod manufactures for full interchangeability in the field. The FOCUS 8 features an innovative sliding plate compatible with SACHTLER ACE & MANFROTTO standard plates. 
  • Improved set-up and functionality: FOCUS 12, 18 and 22 come with a switchable, illuminated level bubble as a standard feature.
  • Ultra lightweight: At only 1.8kg (4lbs) FOCUS 8 is capable of supporting payloads up to 8kg (17.6lbs), one of the best weight-to-payload ratios in the industry. Its portability and easy setup makes it ideal for news operations.
  • Ultra robust: FOCUS 12 along with the integrated Euro plate has a platform with streamlined brake and drag controls.
  • Mounting interface: All FOCUS Heads offer 100mm ball base fittings – except FOCUS 8 which has a 75mm ball base – to provide rigid and sturdy support that can easily interface with industry-standard 100mm tripods.

FOCUS Fluid Heads come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. Cartoni service
centers are conveniently located across Europe and worldwide.



Reflecting the state of the art in camera support technology, CARTONI offers
the widest product range in the industry. 80 years of know-how and
experience, innovative solutions, patented technologies and the constant care
of serving the professional in any shooting situation with any camera,
make CARTONI synonymous with excellence in camera
support. CARTONI currently exports from Rome, its Italian
headquarters, to 65 countries in five continents, with a network of agents and
distributors serving all major international users. CARTONI’s
mission is to guarantee the cameraman the highest possible reliability, freedom
and creativity in any environment.
CARTONI SpA – Via Giuseppe Mirri 13 – Rome
00159 (Rm) Italy – Ph +39 064382002
Belluzzo &
Antonio De Carlo
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