State-of-the-art facility, slated
to open in 2016, will offer streamlined production and post-production services.

LOS ANGELES—The SIM Group has entered into a long-term lease for a 65,000
square foot space at the historic Eastman Kodak building off Las Palmas in
Hollywood. The company will undertake a multi-million dollar build-out of the
facility, currently known as Hollywood Office Campus, to house the Los Angeles
operations of its companies Chainsaw, SIM Digital and Bling Digital.
The new space will allow each company to significantly
expand services and work more collaboratively. Along with expansion, the move
is part of SIM Group’s strategy to provide complete and fully integrated
services for feature and television production and post-production.
Construction is expected to be complete by May 2016. The site is in the Hollywood Media
District and in close proximity to many other large media and entertainment
companies, including the recently announced new headquarters of Netflix.
The three SIM Group companies will share a self-standing,
three-story building at the former site of Eastman Kodak Company. SIM Digital,
which rents cameras and other production gear, will occupy the first floor.
Chainsaw, a post production facility offering offline editorial, editorial
finishing and color grading services, and Bling Digital, which provides dailies
processing and workflow services, will share the second and third floors.

“There is no company in North America offering this blend of
services through one location,” said SIM Group Chief Strategy Officer James
Martin. “Our clients want seamless, integrated services. Productions can
acquire their camera packages, design their workflows, edit and finish shows
all at one site. There is nothing else like it.”
In uniting Chainsaw and Bling Digital, the new facility will
become one of the largest independent post production facilities in Southern
California. It will increase the companies’ footprint with more offline
editorial rooms, color grading suites, online edit bays, Autodesk Flame
conforming/VFX bays, a DI grading theater, sound facilities, production offices
and dailies workflow resources. Chainsaw will retain its current Sycamore
facility in Hollywood, which features 25 offline editorial rooms.
“We are applying 20 years of experience to create the most
modern and efficient post-production facility of its type,” said Chainsaw
founder Bill DeRonde. “The infrastructure will take advantage of the latest
technology for routing media and supporting high-resolution and ultra-high
resolution workflows. It will be an open pipe and ready for anything.  This is exciting new chapter for us, but what
is most important is the people and we have the best talent in the industry.”
The new SIM Digital facility will feature state of the art
prep bays and engineering workspace for cameras and post production, as well as
customer service space and loading docks. Bling Digital will feature dailies
processing and other production support services. “We’re excited about the
synergies,” DeRonde noted. “Chainsaw and Bling Digital are natural
collaborators with complementary services and talent pools. We can assist
clients with everything from dailies through deliverables with high expertise
and peak efficiency.”
Martin noted that since SIM Group and Chainsaw merged last
year a symbiotic relationship has blossomed quickly. “We’ve worked together on
a number of projects and found that we share a similar work ethic and culture,”
he said. “We are very excited about these new facilities, but even more so
about the prospects of having all of our people working together in one place.
Our people are our greatest asset.”
About SIM Group:
Backed by Toronto-based investment firm
Granite Partners, the SIM Group is a leading supplier of production equipment,
workflow and post-production solutions, with offices across the US, Canada and
China. Our diverse services can be utilized on any production at any stage. In Canada,
our offices in Toronto and Vancouver service grip and lighting from PS
Production Services and can be complemented with SIM Digital cinematography and
playback equipment for any production’s needs.  Bling, Chainsaw, Pixel
Underground, Tattersall Sound and Picture and Post Factory NY provide an
array of services from dailies, to online and offline editing, to final
color/DI and visual effects, to sound editorial and mixing. Bling’s services,
which include a comprehensive workflow solution, are offered at all offices
across the US and Canada, as well as off-site service through POD (Post on
Demand).  Chainsaw’s full-service facility in Hollywood provides creative
editorial and extensive finishing services with some of the top colorists in
the industry. Rounding out the family of companies are Pixel
Underground, a Toronto-based post-production company, and its associated
service, StationEX, which provides physical and file-based media fulfillment
and encoding/distribution services, Tattersall Sound and Picture, a
provider of sound editorial and mixing for motion pictures and television and
Post Factory NY, one of the East Coast’s top independent post-production
facilities. For more information, visit
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