Studio purchases six
finishing and grading systems as part of its multi-million dollar expansion.
Senior Colorist Mike Eaves uses Mistika to grade indie feature “Opening Night.”

HOLLYWOOD— Cognition, the recently launched hybrid
post production facility, has purchased six powerful Mistika systems from SGO.
The package includes two top-end 4K color grading and mastering systems, two
assist workstations and two laptop systems for on-set and near-set use. The
company has also acquired an SGO high-speed SAN. The installation is part of an
ambitious, multi-million dollar facility expansion that will include a pair of highly
spec’d DCI grading theaters, expanded visual effects resources and creative
production workspace.
Mistika is a next generation color grading and finishing
platform with an expansive toolset that supports a wide range of media formats
and post production applications including high-frame-rate and 3D.  The latest version of the system software
includes tools for manipulating multilayer EXR sequences and expanded support
for OpenEXR formats.

Cognition Director of Operations David Hollingsworth said
that Mistika is an ideal choice for the facility, and its approach to feature
film finishing which places a premium on creative flexibility. Hollingsworth is
intimately familiar with Mistika technology having collaborated with SGO on the
development of the system since 2011 when he was Head of Picture/Senior
Colorist at Park Road Post Production in Wellington, New Zealand. Mistika was
used at Park Road Post Production to finish the high-frame-rate epic movie
The Hobbit Trilogy
by Peter Jackson.

5 years of collaborating with SGO and their development team I am more
confident than ever that Mistika is the best complete finishing tool in film
and broadcast,” Hollingsworth said. “At Cognition our goal is to give our
clients the greatest flexibility during the finishing process to produce the
highest quality results. Recent additions to Mistika software including fully
translatable AAF functionality and fantastic new EXR tools prove that SGO is
staying ahead of the curve”
recently used its Mistika workstations to grade and finish the independent
feature Opening Night.  The film, which stars Topher Grace, was
produced by Grace alongside Dark Factory Entertainment’s Daniel Posada and
Jason Tamasco. It’s directed by Isaac Rentz. Final grading was performed by
Cognition Senior Colorist Mike Eaves, working closely with Grace, Rentz and
Director of Photography Andre Lascaris.
described the grading process as “very collaborative.” “Mistika allowed me to
create different versions of the grade and made it very easy to keep them
organized using the system’s grade history function and by creating different
nodes for each pass,” Eaves said. “Mistika’s very robust FX toolset, which
includes de-noise and grain FX functions, allowed me to integrate the look and
feel of footage shot on different cameras with uniform consistency. The best
thing about Mistika is that it allows me to concentrate on the creative without
worrying about tools.”
Opening Night
called the DI work at Cognition a great experience. “The process was
collaborative and fluid,” he noted. “That was true for straight color work as
well as for more complex window work and de-noise and re-grain processing. Everything
we asked for was easily achieved. Mistika was interactive and powerful. We have
nothing but good things to say about the process and are very happy with the
Mistika systems will be integrated into its two new grading theaters, whose
construction will be completed this fall. The theaters will also feature 4K
Barco digital cinema projectors and a variety of sophisticated support gear.
“Cognition’s investment in Mistika is evidence of its forward-thinking
approach,” said SGO Director of Global Sales and Operations Geoff Mills. “It is
reassuring to see a Los Angeles facility that appreciates how SGO technology
can be a differentiator in a competitive market.”
About Cognition
Cognition is a visual imaging studio, media laboratory and
creative campus. Founded in 2015 by Brian Pope, the studio empowers filmmakers
and other creative parties by providing them with the resources, both artistic
and technological, as well as the collaborative environment they need to
produce great work.
Cognition is located at 900 N Cahuenga Blvd., Suite B, Los
Angeles, CA 90038. [323] 874.4487
About SGO
Beautifully Creative Technology ­ SGO is an international
organisation expanding rapidly with offices and reseller partners around the
world. With successful global operations, SGO is widely recognised as a
well­established developer of innovative, award­winning and extremely powerful
Mistika post production systems and workflow solutions, including the Mamba FX
compositing software for the film and broadcast industries. Visit SGO at FollowSGO on Twitter

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