LOS ANGELES —Veteran Executive Producer Gianfilippo Pedrotti has joined
Bully Pictures as Vice President and Partner. Pedrotti, who arrives from BRW USA,
a company he  co-founded, will be
responsible for recruiting directorial talent, developing new agency
relationships in the United States and internationally, and implementing strategies
for expansion and growth.
Pedrotti brings broad international experience, a proven
record for developing directorial careers and keen insight into the advertising
market, according to Bully Pictures founder and Executive Producer Jason
Forest. “Gianfilippo is a very personable guy who’s been a friend for years,”
Forest said. “I have tracked his career and have a lot of respect for what he’s
Adding another executive producer will help Bully continue
to build its directorial roster and explore new markets. “The advertising
market is forever evolving,” Forest observes. “It’s built on entrenched
relationships and the ability to adapt and change. Gianfilippo will help us
continue to grow in a global market.”
Gianfilippo Pedrotti 

Pedrotti co-founded BRW USA as an affiliate of Milan-based
BRW Filmland with Andrew Traines, Michele Nocchi and Marco Bussinello in 2009.
He helped the company build its directorial roster and produce award-winning
work for agencies in the U.S., Europe, and South America. He was successful in
establishing U.S. careers for a number of European commercial filmmakers and
has worked extensively on automotive accounts across the U.S. and Europe.
Pedrotti says he feels energized by the opportunity to help
Bully Pictures reach the next level. “Jason has developed the company in a
smart, organic and original way,” Pedrotti observes. “I love where he has taken
the roster and think it’s a good time for me to come in and help further
strengthen a great company.”
Pedrotti adds that he expects to bring several new directors
into the Bully fold over the next few months, saying, “Bully is a very strong contemporary
storytelling shop where the creative is always the focus.”
Bully Pictures:
is a full-service commercial broadcast, web viral, branded content
production company located in Santa Monica, California.  The company’s roster includes Javier
Aguilera, Dustin Lance Black, Knut Burgdorf, Fredrik
Callinggard, Peter Care, Anne Fletcher, Rob Groenwold, Gaute Hesthagen, Dave
Klaiber, Jonathan Nyquist, Justin Simien, Johan Stahl, Taylor Steele, Morten
Tyldum, Tripp & Tyler, Marcus Ubungen and Erik Van Wyk. For more
information, write info@bullypictures.com
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